'Westworld' Prepares a New Spin on Old Mysteries

[This story contains spoilers for season two, episode seven of HBO's Westworld, "Les Écorchés."]

Want to know more about Ghost Nation? Wonder no more!

At least, the wondering ends in roughly one week's time, as the most mysterious entities lurking within Westworld prepare to step into the spotlight. The forthcoming episode of the HBO drama, "Kiksuya," promises to shine a light on the Ghost Nation tribe, the hosts built to represent the park's fictional indigenous population. Based on the preview, fans ought to prepare for a straight-on view of these characters, with few if any interruptions — an isolated occurrence that would leave denizens of both Shogun World and The Raj alike envious.

Zahn McClarnon, the actor responsible for bringing the deadly Hanzee Dent to life in the second season of FX's Fargo, looks poised to step into the spotlight for the coming episode of Westworld. It will be far from his first appearance, as McClarnon already showed up earlier in the season, as early on as "Reunion," in which he helped recruit Ben Barnes' Logan into investing in the park. Through that information alone, it's clear that McClarnon's Akecheta is one of the oldest players within Westworld proper, a notion that was only made more obvious in "The Riddle of the Sphinx," as members of his own tribe referred to him as the first of their people.

The episode, called "Kiksuya" (which is Lakota for "Remember"), sees Akecheta taking a front-and-center role, but not one without roles for icons within Westworld. The Ghost Nation leader is seen hovering over the bodies of both Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and Ford (Anthony Hopkins) respectively, with even Maeve (Thandie Newton) appearing in a quick flash. Fans have long wondered why Ghost Nation has taken a keen interest in the guests within the park; expect "Kiksuya" to provide the answer — or an answer, at the very least.

Watch the preview for "Kiksuya" in the video below:

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