Week in 'Westworld': The Ins and Outs of the Season 2 Premiere, Explained

The Hollywood Reporter rounds up the past week's news, interviews and more about Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's genre-bending HBO drama.
Courtesy of HBO

Westworld viewers who tuned in for the season two premiere, "Journey Into Night," likely walked away feeling much the same as how Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) experienced the evening: leaking cortical fluid from their ears, on the cusp of critical failure.

Hopefully, the week of Westworld coverage on The Hollywood Reporter helped to reverse some of the damage, if not quite all of it. All week long, THR has provided interviews with cast members, deep dives into theories, photo and video breakdowns, and even a podcast in order to decode the events of the action-packed, status quo-changing opener. For those who haven't been paying attention? It's never too late to start.

Here's how the first week in Westworld played out on THR:

• Westworld Season 2 | Voices From the Future Preview the Premiere: "Dreams don't mean anything." "That answer doesn't seem to satisfy you." "Because it's not completely honest." These are just a few of the out-of-context quotes we pulled from the season two premiere for viewers to chew on, hours before the episode aired.

Westworld Launches Season 2 With Violent Revolution and Revelations: How did the first episode of the new season play out? Here's out breakdown of "Journey Into Night," storyline by storyline.

Westworld Star on Subverting Expectations With His "Empowering" Nude Scene: Describing it as the most liberating moment of his career, actor Simon Quarterman ("Lee Sizemore") spoke with THR about filming his big season premiere scene and what it means for the show's themes this year.

Westworld Creators Explain Season 2 Premiere's "Unreliable" Time Twist: What exactly is going on with Bernard's story? Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy spoke with THR about their ideas for the season's narrative framing device, and why it's not wise to trust Bernard as a narrator.

Westworld | What the Season 2 Premiere's Violent Ending Means for the Future: Did Bernard really kill "all of them," or is someone else responsible for the deaths of the hosts? We have a theory about who's responsible for the slaughter: the rancher's daughter.

How Westworld Is Playing With Time (Again) in Season 2: Confused about the different moments in time seen throughout the premiere? Here's some clarity on the matter — emphasis on "some."

Westworld Deep Dive | 18 Key Scenes for the Rest of Season 2: Following the premiere, HBO released a trailer showing scenes from the remainder of the season. Here's our breakdown of the most important moments from the trailer.

Westworld | All the Details About Ford and the Man in Black's New Game (So Far): All season long (as long as it's necessary), we're going to track the new game that's being played between the park's late founder and the park's current gunslinger extraordinaire. Read on for our first set of theories about "the door," as Ford describes it.

Westworld | 11 Burning Questions From the Season 2 Premiere: Is Stubbs a host? What's up with the tiger? And what was that about an "island," anyway? These questions and more are up in the air, and we're doing our best to catch some answers.

Westworld | What the New Opening Credits Sequence Reveals About Season 2: If you thought the beginning of the new season looked a little different than usual, don't worry: it looked like something new to us, too. Here's our deep dive into the significance of the new sequence, freshly made for season two.

Westworld Promises a Highly Anticipated "Reunion" in New Season 2 Photos: Maeve and Dolores haven't seen each other since the show's second episode. They're set to meet again in season two's second episode, based on photos from the hour, called "Reunion." Here's our breakdown of that scene and others.

Westworld Podcast: A Deeper Dive Into Season 2's Dizzying First Scene: How does one make sense of the season's opening interaction between Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey Wright? Is that Dolores and Bernard, as we've come to know them — or is something very strange happening instead? In our first podcast of the season, we attempt to answer that question and several others.

Check back every Saturday all season long for continued roundups of THR's week in Westworld, and in the meantime, keep following our daily coverage at THR.com/Westworld.