'Westworld' Promises a Highly Anticipated "Reunion" in New Season 2 Photos

Westworld Episode 12 (season 2, episode 2) Still 3 -publicity- H 2018
Courtesy of HBO

[This story contains spoilers for the season two premiere of HBO's Westworld.]

"These violent delights have violent ends."

Aside from being one of the show's most recognizable catchphrases, the Shakespearean quote also stands out as one of the only sentences ever uttered between the two Westworld leads: Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton). It's easy to forget, but the two empowered hosts have only crossed paths once thus far, during an early scene in the second episode of the series. Once again, the second episode of a Westworld season will serve as the meeting ground between Dolores and Maeve, the two hosts who are most at the height of their independence and agency. 

In a new photo from the upcoming installment, called "Reunion," the erstwhile rancher's daughter and Mariposa madam stand beside the fire, sizing each other up. See it below:

Could this be the start of a beautiful new friendship, or the beginning of a clash between two titans? In the season premiere, Maeve suggested that she likely shares the same sentiments as whoever started the revolution against the guests, which is good news for anyone hoping for a team-up. With that said, the two women are also on rather divergent paths: Maeve wants to find her daughter, and Dolores wants to conquer the world. Is there room for both goals on the same adventure? It's certainly worth rooting for their togetherness, as trailers for season two have revealed Maeve will arrive in Shogun World at some point down the line; the addition of Dolores, Teddy (James Marsden) and the rest of their gang could only heighten what's already one of the most anticipated storylines of the year.

Speaking of Teddy, he's at the center of another photo, one that suggests his next stop isn't Shogun World after all. Instead, it's somewhere very familiar: Sweetwater. It's a bit of a backwards step, perhaps, but certainly a better next step than what we saw from Teddy in the season premiere's final scene: dead and drowned, floating in a newly created sea.

In another revealing image, we see Dolores in rather unfamiliar fashion. Literally, the clothes she's wearing are very foreign from what we're used to seeing in Westworld: a black dress and tightly drawn hair, as though she's alive and thriving in modern society. Could episode two bring us into "Future World," the titular park in the sequel to Michael Crichton's original Westworld film? Probably not, but one can dream!

If there's one man who looks as reliable as ever, it's the Man in Black (Ed Harris), fully suited up in his gunslinger attire. Nothing further to add here; William's ready for the game… but is the game ready for William?

"Reunion," written by Carly Wray & Jonathan Nolan and directed by Vincenzo Natali, airs on HBO this Sunday night at 9 p.m. Follow THR.com/Westworld for more coverage of the series.