'Westworld' Teases Another Major "Reunion" Coming Next in Season 2

Westworld Still 16 Season 2 - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of HBO

[This story contains spoilers through season two, episode two of HBO's Westworld, "Reunion."]

Having just crossed paths with one of the most prominent hosts in the park, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) stands ready to square off against another brilliant mind: Bernard (Jeffrey Wright).

In the preview for the third episode of Westworld's second season, called "Virtù e Fortuna," Dolores lures viewers into her worldview with a monologue about human nature — and host nature, as a result. "The world out there is marked by survival," she says, "by a kind who refuses to die. Shouldn't we, too, try to survive?" Her final words make it clear that she's not only speaking to the audience; this is a conversation with Bernard, the host who has spent the entirety of his life studying other hosts and believing himself to be a human being.

Of course, there's the obvious question baked into both the show and character's premise: How do we know this is Bernard? After all, Wright plays at least two different individuals on Westworld: Bernard, yes, but also Arnold Weber, the scientist and park co-founder upon whom Bernard is based. How can we know which character Wright is playing in his scene opposite Dolores? 

As is often the case on Westworld, the aesthetic of a character is what gives away the game — and in this case, it's Dolores' aesthetic. In the preview, we see the revolutionary host wearing the same uniform she's been wearing since beginning her crusade against mankind. Unless she's experiencing some sort of vision in which she's talking with Arnold (which isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, given how hosts' memories work), it's almost guaranteed that Dolores is speaking with Bernard here.

It's an important reunion between these two characters, last seen together in the final moments before Dolores assassinated Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in season one. We know that Bernard is going to live long enough to exist alongside Karl Strand (Gustaf Skarsgård), Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and the security team two weeks after Dolores' revolution began; what's more, our pet theory about the deaths of the hosts involves Dolores either convincing or manipulating Bernard into helping her stage their deaths in order to lull the security team into a false sense of...well, security. With any luck, the upcoming meeting between these characters will help shine some light on how that's all going to play out.

Watch the trailer below for more on Bernard and Dolores' meeting, as well as a few signs of life from Ghost Nation and a certain mysterious tiger. 

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