'Westworld': James Marsden Strikes a Menacing Pose in New Season 2 Photos

Westworld Still 2 Episode 16 - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of HBO

Sorry, Flood fans: The nice guy is no more.

In the latest episode of HBO's Westworld, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) radically altered Teddy (James Marsden), the good-hearted host who wanted to abandon the war against mankind and settle down somewhere, "someday," with Dolores. Instead, the leader of the host revolution decided he wouldn't survive the conflict ahead in his current condition, forcibly altering his code as a result.

What's about to happen to Teddy? A screenshot from the scene posted on Reddit reveals some of the core changes made to the man: While his loyalty remains intact, his sense of humility, patience and empathy have all dropped to close to zero. Virtually every single other attribute of Teddy's has been radically altered to make him a model of aggression. Indeed, his aggression levels are close to the top of the charts, as are his decisiveness, self-preservation instincts, capacity for cruelty, tenacity and courage. 

The scariest upgrade of all pertains to Teddy's "bulk apperception," effectively his ability to consciously process new information as it relates to previous experiences. It was low before. It's all the way to the max now. In other words: Westworld watchers, prepare to meet Dolores' monster — and expect him to look a whole lot like Wyatt.

The new Teddy won't be the only focus of the coming episode, called "Phase Space." Other photos see Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Elsie (Shannon Woodward) continuing their quest to figure out what exactly the late Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) was planning in the secret lab where the incredibly late James Delos robot (Peter Mullan) was being held... 

...while Hiroyuki Sanada as Musashi still stands strong in Shogun World, suggesting that we're not moving away from that storyline quite yet.

Read on for additional photos from the episode, including our best look yet at the family reunion between the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and his daughter, Emily (Katja Herbers).

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