'Westworld' Finale Photos Provide First Look at 'The Passenger'

Westworld Finale -Still 6- HBO-H  2018

The hour of the Westworld finale draws near.

Sunday night sees the resolution of the HBO drama's second season, sprung forth from the minds of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. What's ahead? Only they (and their collaborators) know for sure. There are guesses to be made, of course, as various parties are traveling toward the Valley Beyond, also known as the Forge, also known as the Door. What they're about to find remains unknown, but the fact that some form of answer is on its way is virtually guaranteed.

The first strides toward those answers are upon us in the form of new photos from the season two finale episode, called "The Passenger." In the images, we see Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) and his ever-reliable companion Armistice (Ingrid Boslo Berdal), rifles in hand, crouching for cover. The preview for the finale featured the pair striving to assist Maeve (Thandie Newton), currently imprisoned in the Mesa; it's unclear if the scene with them on the field comes before or after their rescue attempt.

Elsewhere, we see the great warrior Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon), champion of consciousness and among the most emotionally resonant characters in the cast following his spotlight episode, "Kiksuya." As then, he stands here with war paint caked on thick, the barest hint of purple in the sky. Who knows what he's staring off at, but one certainly hopes it's not the Deathbringer — also know as Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), fresh from the tragedy of watching Teddy (James Marsden) die. In another photo, we see Dolores riding toward her goal, blood on her face and chest, gun belt still at the ready. Given the light in the image, one can imagine how she and Akecheta might be on a collision course across the two images.

The final two photos released, as it stands, feature separately on the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and on Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), both staring off at unknown forces. In the case of the former, William looks up at someone we can't see; it could be Dolores, based on images of them riding together in the preview for the episode. In the case of the latter, Bernard appears to have his hands bound behind his back — which won't be a problem for the veritable force ghost known as Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), assuming he's still lurking after Bernard's drastic measures in getting rid of his old friend.

See the photos below for yourself.

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