'Westworld': Here's Who Is Still Alive Heading Into Season 3

A look ahead at where everyone stands as the HBO drama eyes its next new world.
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[This story contains spoilers for the season two finale of HBO's Westworld, "The Passenger," and speculation about season three.]

The violent delights contained within season two of Westworld had violent ends indeed, as a litany of characters were killed off in gruesome fashion — though some deaths are more permanent than others.

For instance, every human who died in the season finale will most assuredly stay dead when season three resumes — with the exception of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), and anyone else who is similarly resurrected via host technology. As for the hosts, some of them are likely to remain offline for good — except for the ones who are lucky enough to be in the vicinity of a certain pair of scientists.

As the show stands at the precipice of an all-new status quo change, and with so many lives still hanging in the balance, here's a helpful round-up of the characters who lived and died in the season finale… as well as the characters who are currently hovering somewhere between the living and the dead.

Played by: Evan Rachel Wood, then Tessa Thompson, then Wood again
Status: Briefly dead, now very alive
The Download: The leader of the host revolution escaped the park thanks to assists from both Bernard and Charlotte Hale, albeit unintentional on the latter person's behalf. Now, Dolores is out in the real world, with a Hale doppelgänger at her disposal; a handy thing to have indeed, especially for someone who still has an eye on mass-vengeance against humanity, with a faux Delos board leader in tow.

Played by: Jeffrey Wright
Status: Briefly dead, now very alive
The Download: In the finale, it's revealed that Bernard destroyed all of Delos' digital consciousness back-ups, which buys him a one-way ticket out of the park. First, however, he has to withstand a bullet to the face from Dolores; it's only fair, considering he killed her first. Both of them are now alive thanks to resurrecting each other (it's a little less confusing in practice than it sounds in writing), and both of them remain at odds, as Bernard pledges to stop Dolores from inflicting wide-scale harm against humankind.

Played by: Tessa Thompson
Status: Dead, with a twist
The Download: The real Charlotte Hale is dead, shot in the head by a fake Charlotte Hale. As part of his plan to destroy Delos' project, Bernard created a new synthetic body in the form of Charlotte, which he then infused with Dolores' control unit. Dolores, wearing a veritable Hale mask, then killed Hale and used her new likeness to sneak out of the park. Now, Dolores still has the Hale clone in tow, though it's unclear who is kicking around in Hale's body these days. It's an exciting prospect for fans of Tessa Thompson, who's sure to have an intense arc in season three.

Played by: James Marsden
Status: Alive, but gone
The Download: After ending his own life in the penultimate episode of the season, Teddy's control unit was salvaged and subsequently installed in "The Sublime," the digital world that now houses so many of the hosts' souls. It's a happy ending for Teddy, but a sad turn for the viewer, as it's likely the end for Teddy's time on the show… until Dolores concocts a new Marsden-esque host to call her own, of course.

Played by: Zahn McClarnon
Status: Alive, but gone
The Download: As with Teddy, the Ghost Nation leader successfully led his people to the Sublime, where he reunited with his long lost love Kohana (Julia Jones). Until we see the Sublime again, we're not likely to cross paths with Akecheta anytime soon.

Played by: Thandie Newton
Status: Dead, for now
The Download: Maeve sacrificed her own life in order to buy time while her daughter raced into the Sublime. Mission accomplished, but at the expense of Maeve's own mortal form. The finale heavily implies Maeve's imminent resurrection, however, thanks to the help of her friends Felix and Sylvester.

Hector and Armistice
Played by: Rodrigo Santoro and Ingrid Bolso Berdal
Status: Dead, for now
The Download: Also killed during the battle at the Valley Beyond, and much like Maeve, their wounds seem easy enough to recover from given the right pair of scientists working on the case.

Played by: Angela Sarafyan
Status: Dead, for now
The Download: Another example of a host who might be able to survive their demise during the battle at the Valley Beyond. With that said, Clementine's control unit has been through so much stress, it's not impossible that she's beyond repair.

Felix and Sylvester
Played by: Leonardo Nam and Ptolemy Slocum
Status: Alive
The Download: Against all odds, these two lab techs are still alive. What's more, they will be instrumental in bringing at least Maeve back online, if not a few of the other fallen hosts. Let it be known: Felix and Sylvester are the true MVPs of Westworld.

Lee Sizemore
Played by: Simon Quarterman
Status: Dead
The Download: He entered the second season as the worst character on the show. Somehow, along the way, Sizemore became one of the most relatable and empathetic figures within the park. It's fitting, then, that his redemption comes at the expense of his own life, as Sizemore sacrificed himself in order for Maeve and friends to make it to the Valley Beyond.

Elsie Hughes
Played by: Shannon Woodward
Status: Dead… for now?
The Download: Another human soul, tragically lost in the battle between man and hostkind. Elsie tried to blackmail Charlotte, which ended up being a fatal mistake, as the head of the Delos board answered Else's gambit with two bullets to the chest. While Elsie is decidedly dead, it's not hard to imagine Shannon Woodward somehow returning to the series, especially given what we know about how Bernard came into existence: born from Dolores' memories of Arnold. Could Bernard bring life to a new host, based on Elsie? Start your campaigns now!

Karl Strand and Antoine Costa
Played by: Gustaf Skargård and Fares Fares
Status: Dead
The Download: Don't bother with the write-in campaigns to save Strand and Costa. Those guys are super dead, shot to death by "Halores," their corpses left to rot inside the Forge.

Ashley Stubbs
Played by: Luke Hemsworth
Status: Alive, but wait a minute
The Download: Since the start of the series, fans wondered if the park's head of security was secretly a host. The finale seemingly confirmed the theory, as Stubbs tells Halores all about his core drives and past association with the park. Congratulations to whoever had "Stubbs is a host" on your finale Bingo card. You get a cupcake!

Robert Ford
Played by: Anthony Hopkins
Status: Dead, for real… probably.
The Download: The man who brought the park online has finally shutdown, thanks to Bernard pulling the plug back in the penultimate episode. While Bernard plotted with Ford in the finale, it turns out the man was nothing more than a figment of the imagination. Ford is actually dead and gone now… but since we have yet to see a season of Westworld without Hopkins in place, we'll believe Ford's truly dead when we see it. And even then, we probably won't believe it.

The Man in Black
Played by: Ed Harris, occasionally Jimmi Simpson
Status: Are you sitting down for this one?
The Download: The Man in Black is seen near the end of the finale in bad shape, awaiting extraction alongside the rest of the park's survivors. That's not a trick; that's his final point in the show's main timeline. Then comes the post-credits scene, which takes place at some point in the far future. In that timeline, the real Man in Black is most likely dead and has been for some time, while a new version of the character (ala the host-human James Delos hybrid) has been left to wander the park on an eternal loop. This future, artificial version of the Man in Black is a new take on the character (the Man in Black was not a host this entire time, in other words), and one who will be explored further on down the road.

Played by: Katja Herbers
Status: Are you still sitting down?
The Download: The Man in Black killed Emily in the penultimate episode of the season; so what are we to make of the woman we see in the post-credits scene? Whoever that is, it's not the Man in Black's actual daughter. Given the future setting of the scene, the real Emily is long dead at that point, making this some sort of host who has been left to continually test the Man in Black on his many ill-fated loops.

Played by: Ben Barnes
Status: Dead, but still employed
The Download: Logan died of an overdose many years earlier, but the system that watches over the Delos project, not to mention the lives of the hosts who now dwell in the Sublime, seemingly loves taking on Logan's likeness. In other words, if you're a Ben Barnes fan, take heart: plenty of reason to expect he'll have more to do in the future of the series.

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