'Westworld' Season 2: Voices From the Future Preview the Premiere

Westworld Still 15 Season 2 - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of HBO

The reckoning is almost at hand.

In a matter of hours, viewers far and wide will return to Westworld, the twisting and turning HBO series from creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, based on Michael Crichton's original film made in 1973. When the series returns, it will follow the path made famous in Crichton's movie: hosts enacting violence upon the human guests — and if the show effectively accomplishes its mission, fans will very much be rooting for the hosts to win the war ahead.

What's coming next now that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve (Thandie Newton), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Teddy (James Marsden) are about to be brought back online for their first new adventure since 2016? The answers are on their way imminently. For now, how about experiencing the events of the premiere the way a host experiences their memories — without context? In that spirit, read on for an overview of 15 key quotes from the new episode, "Journey Into Night," without any details on who says what when, and why...

1. "Dreams don't mean anything."

2. "That answer doesn't seem to satisfy you."

3. "Because it's not completely honest."

4. "Over my dead body!"

5. "We need to find us a target with more cushion!"

6. "Don't sacrifice yourself for the merchandise."

7. "Doesn't look like anything to me."

8. "We're gonna have some fun now..."

9. "I wrote that line for you."

10. "A bit broad, if you ask me."

11. "Where you go, I follow."

12. "Are you lost?"

13. "I guess I don't need you anymore..."

14. "I know how this story ends..."

15. "...all of them."

Any idea on which quotes belong to which characters? Lay out your predictions in the comments section below, then make sure to check THR.com/Westworld following the premiere for extended analysis of the episode, interviews with the creative minds behind the series, and more continuing coverage all season long.