'Westworld': A Closer Look at the Season Finale Trailer

Westworld S01E09 Still 3 - Publicity - H 2016
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[Warning: This story contains spoilers through episode nine of HBO's Westworld.]

What is it that's driving Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins)? We still don't fully know, although the man clearly loves his narratives. He expresses as much in the monologue that plays across the trailer for the Westworld season finale, set to air next Sunday (Dec. 4).

"Since I was a child, I've always loved a good story," he says as the trailer begins. "Stories help us become the people we dreamed of being. Lies that told a deeper truth. I always thought I could play some small part in that grand tradition. And for my pains? I got this: my new narrative."

And what does that new narrative look like? The full picture will have to wait for the finale (and perhaps even beyond), but if the trailer is any indication, it's not going to be peaceful for at least a few of the major players involved.

Here's what else the trailer shows about the final episode of season one:

Wake Up Call

It feels like an eternity since Teddy Flood (James Marsden) first woke up on the train heading into Sweetwater, all the way back in the very first episode's very first few scenes. It looks like history is about to repeat itself, as the first thing shown in the finale is Teddy once again on the train, stirring from his slumber … except this time, he's a bit more rattled than usual. Is Teddy still on the way toward consciousness, as he was before Angela (Talulah Riley) stabbed a knife in his heart?

Maeve on the Move

The Mariposa Saloon and Brothel's main madame gets yet another upgrade in the finale, judging by the trailer, which sees Thandie Newton's riveting robot dressed up in business attire. She rides an elevator with Felix (Leonardo Nam) at one point, and later wades through the lobotomized hosts to find Clementine (Angela Sarafyan), still in the same room where Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) committed suicide. Is she here to bring the damaged Bernard back online? And are the lobotomized hosts actually on Maeve's side, or is she in for yet another rude awakening?

Hector in Hell

Speaking of Maeve, she was last seen convincing Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) to join her cause in crusading against "hell," an easy and elegant way to describe their overlords. Hector appears to be fully on board in the finale, based on a quick shot in the trailer that sees him lurching forward and overpowering a lab technician. Other shots show fellow members of Hector's posse, including Armistice (Ingrid Boldø Berdal), similarly striking out against the park's techs. If the number of human casualties rises dramatically in the finale, it's a good bet that Hector and his people will be at least partly responsible for the stat bump. 

William Breaks Bad

William (Jimmi Simpson) plunged deep into the heart of darkness in the season's penultimate episode, killing numerous soldiers and physically forcing Logan (Ben Barnes) to help search for Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). The bloodbath looks likely to continue, with the trailer featuring a wild William drawing guns against more soldiers, and staring off menacingly into the distance. It's almost like this white hat has gone full black hat — and speaking of black hats …

The Man in Church

Perhaps the biggest shoe that has yet to drop on the show revolves around the Man in Black (Ed Harris) and his true identity. Who is he really? Many fans feels like they've already solved the riddle, but even if they're right, it won't be a pleasant ride for the black-suited gunslinger. At one point in the trailer, Dolores drags the Man through the church, the panicked expression on this macho man's face absolutely priceless. Perhaps he got a little more than he bargained for in his search for the maze.

Bullet to the Head

The trailer ends with a shot of Dolores raising a revolver and placing it against her own temple, an image previously glimpsed when she first reached the "city swallowed by sand." The trailer cuts to black, and leaves behind a familiar Shakespearean phrase that's been with the show from the very beginning, this time uttered by Jeffrey Wright's Bernard (or is it Arnold?): "These violent delights have violent ends." It's the promise of Westworld distilled into a single sentence — and if the trailer is any indication, it's a promise the show will fulfill in its first season finale.

Watch the trailer below:

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