What to Expect From Chad Johnson on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Bachelor in Paradise-AUGUST 2-CHAD JOHNSON-Publicity-H 2016
Courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin

Miss Chad yet?

The man Bachelor nation loves to hate returns to the Bachelor franchise when ABC’s third season of Bachelor in Paradise kicks off Tuesday night. Infamous for issuing death threats, punching doors and tearing T-shirts, The Bachelorette’s season 12 villain had quite the reputation to live up to on the spinoff show — and he did just that, and then some.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the 28-year-old ahead of the premiere and the chaos to come (THR has also seen the first episode). While Chad Johnson’s meat-eating dominated his screen time on JoJo Fletcher’s Bachelorette, the luxury real estate agent says a different substance takes center stage on BIP: alcohol.

“I don’t normally drink, I work," he explained to THR about his influenced behavior. "I go out maybe once, twice a month. So I show up to Bachelor in Paradise and I hadn’t drank probably in three months, since The Bachelorette.”

He continued, “When you’re at that low of body fat percent — like 3 or 4 percent — drinks affect you way more. You try to drink the same amount that you used to drink, but it doesn’t work that way."

While viewers will have to tune in to see how much trouble Chad gets himself into, his shenanigans did lead him to apologize to Chris Harrison during the recent The Bachelorette: Men Tell All.

In a moment that didn't make it to air, Chad approached the host after his time in the hot seat. “I f—ed up. I apologize," Chad said, adding, "We made good TV though, didn’t we?”

The veteran host replied, "It’s all good."

Their candid chat directly followed an on-camera conversation about Bachelor in Paradise, making it seem likely that Chad’s alcohol consumption leads to some big regrets on the spinoff.

Viewers of Monday's Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special got a taste of the "great TV" Chad hinted at when, in the full promotional clip for Bachelor in Paradise, Chad resorts to violence and hints at his alcohol-consumption-gone-wrong. In the preview, he barks at Harrison, "You went to sleep last night with a mimosa and a robe on."

Even Harrison admitted during the The Bachelorette post-finale special that the third season of BIP is "a mess." Sitting before a live-studio audience, he warned, "It is truly a trainwreck. I mean, epic proportions. I just want to say this ahead of time, you'll get it tomorrow: I don't love mimosas."

Watch Chad's antics unfold when Bachelor In Paradise premieres at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Tuesday.