What Happened When Piers Morgan Asked Bill O'Reilly to Appear on CNN

The Fox News host showed his rival barely a flicker of recognition. "What a dick," Morgan recounted.
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Bill O'Reilly didn't give Piers Morgan the time of day -- until he had to. 

That, at least, was the story told by the CNN host when he appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show on Wednesday morning.

Morgan recounted that when he first joined the cable news network, he approached the Fox News personality to appear on his talk show. The O'Reilly Factor host apparently didn't show a flicker of recognition for Morgan and quickly declined the offer.

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"I've just joined CNN, you may have seen the promos? Nothing," Morgan remembered of the incident, later adding: "What a dick."

But then Morgan said that shortly after the conversation, O'Reilly approached him. The Fox News host asked if his daughter and her friend could take a picture with him because she was a fan of America's Got Talent, which the CNN personality previously hosted.

O'Reilly was "simmering with volcanic lava" at the time, Morgan said. 

The CNN host appeared on Stern's radio program during the press tour for his new book, Shooting Straight

In his book, Morgan notes that he similarly invited News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch to appear on his show. He was told there would be a "zero in a hundred" chance of that happening.