'White Collar' Season 4 Premiere: Neal and Mozzie Plot Their Next Move (Exclusive Video)

For White Collar, summer is just beginning.

With the July 10 premiere approaching, the question on everyone's minds is: How will Neal (Matt Bomer) and Mozzie (Willie Garson) get out of this mess they've found themselves in? A federal agent is on the hunt for Neal, who is hiding somewhere where the sun shines brightly, so just how is he coping?

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Rather well it seems. In a scene exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Neal and Mozzie plan their future moves -- one of which consists of meeting a mysterious man named Dobbs who the pair is paying $25,000 per month "for safe haven."

"As you know I vetted a lot of locations for our final refuge, and with our very specific demands for lifestyle and security, it's a short list," Mozzie tells Neal. "Big enough to blend in, small enough to limit exposure, I know Moz," Neal replies. For the duo, crossing Dobbs just may be the nail in their coffin.

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The only other option then would be a exotic-sounding locale, "Isla Paradiso" Mozzie says. Sounds all fine and good right? Not so. "It's a leper colony."

Watch the full scene in the video above.

White Collar launches season four July 10 at 9p.m. with the premiere of Covert Affairs following.