'White Collar' Star to Make TV Directing Debut on Series (Exclusive)

"90210" alum Hal Ozsan has signed on to guest star in the baseball-themed episode.
Joe Corrigan/Getty Images
Tim DeKay

One of White Collar's stars is stepping behind the camera.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Tim DeKay, who plays FBI agent Peter Burke on the USA Network drama, will be making his television directing debut with the episode, "Stealing Home," set to air February 2012. The episode, set around a "priceless stolen baseball," began shooting Tuesday in New York City.

Additionally, 90210 and Californication alum Hal Ozsan will appear as the beloved and elusive contract thief from Great Britain, Gordon Taylor. Gordon is in Manhattan to assemble an all-star crew for his next big heist, which may include Neal (Matt Bomer) and Mozzie (Wille Garson). Through this, Neal is reminded of what life could be like again as a high-end thief.

"It's interesting because I look at it from an actor's point of view," DeKay told THR late last week. "It confirms my thought about always relying on the director when he or she gives me a note. To a degree, they perhaps know the moment a little better than I do as an actor because [they've] been with the script much longer."

The story treads on familiar ground for the TV vet, who has had his hand in directing shorts and theater. "I played some baseball in high school and college and I coach my son's Little League team," he said. "I was certainly able to contribute to the wardrobe decisions more than I've ever contributed to wardrobe in my life."

DeKay, who has been in prep for about two weeks, is well aware of the internal challenges that await him as he takes the helm.

"There definitely will be some fighting in my head," he says. "The crew might see me in the corner just arguing with myself as to whether or not I can get another take." Don't worry though, DeKay reassures that his screen time will not drastically decrease for the episode.

But he issued a warning to those living in the Big Apple: "If you heard any kind of screams, if you lived in New York, you knew it would be on my first day of shooting."

White Collar airs its midseason finale with guest star Beau Bridges on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and returns for the second half of Season 3 in January.

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