'Who Is America?': Corey Lewandowski, Sheriff David Clarke Talk "Antifa" on Charlottesville Anniversary

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Courtesy of Showtime

Sacha Baron Cohen targeted two different Republican political figures in the fifth week of his latest series, Who Is America?: former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and former Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke.

The comedian posted a clip of Lewandowski's interview before the episode aired, in which the lobbyist argued to Baron Cohen's right-wing conspiracy theorist character that all Americans have a right to peacefully protest, including fascists. Clarke made an appearance during a segment with YouTuber OMGWhizzBoyOMG, in which he categorized the "antifa" movement as violent and encouraging the murder of police officers. Here's what happened in the episode.

Target: Corey Lewandowski, former Donald Trump campaign manager
Character: Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., PhD
What Happened: On the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist march, Baron Cohen's right-wing conspiracy theorist character interviewed Lewandowski about whether the president is racist, and why the president should pick a side between fascism and anti-fascism. Lewandowski defended all Americans' rights to peacefully protest. Ruddick then outlined a conspiracy theory that PBS is owned by the "Rastafarian lobby," which Lewandowski brushed off, and then argued that the president is not a misogynist.
Response: None as of air.

Target: David Clarke, former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wis.
Character: OMGWhizzBoyOMG
What Happened: Baron Cohen's Finnish YouTuber personality discussed what he called the Charlottesville "antifa" march with the disgraced sheriff, who called them an "anarchist group" that supports "the killing of police officers" and "disorder." He said cops should be willing to be aggressive and arrest "antifa" marchers, to which OMGWhizzBoyOMG responded that Germany in the 1930s should have had more sheriffs like him around to protect the fascists.
Response: None as of air.

Target: Mahbod Moghadam, Rap Genius founder
Character: Gio Monaldo
What Happened: The co-founder of lyric annotation site Rap Genius, who was ousted from his company due to tasteless comments made after the 2014 Santa Barbara shooting, participated in a bizarre photo shoot with the Italian fashion photographer character, which ended in Moghadam holding a Clairsonic, a fake baby doll, and stuffing a baby doll arm down his short-shorts.
Response: None as of air.

Target: Dan Roberts, pro-gun campaigner
Character: Col. Erran Morad
What Happened: The latest person to participate in Morad's "anti-terrorism" defense course was pro-gun activist Roberts, who argued that the way to protect kids from school shootings was to have guns in schools. Morad taught Roberts to use his voice as a weapon, which involved shouting responses to quickfire questions. He then taught Roberts how to detect children wearing "suicide diapers," and how to survive a beheading by putting an attacker's genitals in his mouth.
Response: None as of air.

Target: Jake Inphamous, Miami club promoter and owner
Character: Rick Sherman
What Happened: Posing as his ex-con character, which hasn't been seen since the series premiere, Baron Cohen played a Miami club promoter a song he created purportedly from a recording he captured of a prison stabbing during his time incarcerated. Inphamous then nabbed Sherman (now dubbed "DJ Solitary") a slot playing his song at a real Miami club, Sway. The crowd seemed to be confused by the performance, especially when Sherman told them the song was a clip of "real sodomy," but still gamely danced along.
Response: None as of air.

Who Is America? airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.