Bill Hader, Jay Pharaoh Agree Justin Bieber Was the Worst-Behaved 'SNL' Guest

Saturday Night Live has had some major superstars hosting and performing throughout its history, but fans often want to know who was among the most poorly behaved stars.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, SNL alumni Bill Hader and Jay Pharaoh fielded the question, called in by a viewer, and agreed that Justin Bieber was the worst one from their time on the NBC show.

Bieber has actually been on the show three times: once as a performer in 2010, hosting and performing (becoming the youngest male to ever do so) in 2013 and he made a cameo in 2012 for the 100th SNL digital short. Pharoah was on the show from 2010-2016 while Hader was on from 2005-2013, leaving two months after Bieber hosted and performed.

“Bieber, he was just in a bad place,” Hader said. “Maybe he’s in a better place, but then … it was rough.” 

“Bieber was the only one, in my experience,” the comedian continued. “He just seemed exhausted or at the end of a rope.”

Although Pharaoh agrees, he’s also seen rapper Kanye West act up at SNL. 

“I saw Kanye yank somebody,” he laughed. “That was pretty hilarious.”

West and Bieber are definitely outliers, the comedians assured Cohen. Most of the guests “have great behavior” and are “very excited” to be on the show. That's good to know about recent hosts Charles Barkley, Sterling K. Brown and Bill Hader himself.

Watch Pharaoh and Hader recall the worst Saturday Night Live guests above.