'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Wells Adams Shuts Down 'Bachelor' Rumors

The 'Paradise' bartender says the internet wants him to be the next star of ABC's 'The Bachelor.'
Courtesy of ABC
Wells Adams

A bartender for Bachelor? Not for now, says Wells Adams.

The 33-year-old fan-favorite returned to ABC's Bachelor franchise on Bachelor in Paradise season four, and though Chris Harrison said the franchise is taking stars from the summer spinoff into consideration, Adams wants to set the record straight about leading his own season.

The Bachelorette grad from JoJo Fletcher’s season tells The Hollywood Reporter that despite the support from Bachelor Nation, he has not been asked to star on the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

ABC has been heavily teasing the announcement of its season 22 star. Creator Mike Fleiss has continued his tradition of sending cryptic tweets ahead of the network’s official announcement. His Tuesday update revealed that another Bachelor contender, Dean Unglert, will not take the title “this year, at least.” 

The franchise’s diehard fans have a right to be anxious about their next leading man. This time last year, Nick Viall was announced as the season 21 star before his journey on Paradise season three came to an end. Now that the current Paradise season is just a week away from its finale (airing Monday), will the new Bachelor be crowned before the end of the spinoff’s run?

Adams offers a bit of insight: If the announcement is around the corner, he is unlikely to be the star since he has yet to be in any official talks for the role with ABC. Adams elaborated on set of the Paradise finale to THR: “I’m not the Bachelor. No one’s asked me to be the Bachelor. The internet thinks that I should be the next Bachelor because the internet is full of stupid people. I think it’s really flattering that people think that I should be that because I don’t think I should be.” #WellsForBachelor has been trending on social media since his mixologist stint in Sayulita, Mexico.

Fleiss later confirmed on Twitter Tuesday evening that Adams is not ABC's next Bachelor, teasing to curious fans "you're getting warmer!"

Despite the support from Bachelor Nation, Adams says going from barkeep to Bachelor is not something he would take lightly: “I understand what that all means and what that all entails. When I went on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, I signed up myself to be on television — I didn’t sign up my family to be on television."

He continued: “If they really want me to be the Bachelor, it would be something that I would consider, but it’s also something that I would need my family’s blessing for before I decided to do it. I can tell you right now, my mom would be like, ‘No, no! Wells cannot do this.’ And so, I would need to think about it.’”

For those wondering who else is in contention: Eric Bigger of Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette season has also been rumored as a prospective candidate. If selected, Bigger would be the first black Bachelor in the franchise’s 16-year history. But the personal trainer told THR that he also has not been in talks with ABC, though he would be open to it. And for the record, season 20 star Ben Higgins also shot down rumors of returning as a two-time Bachelor on his Almost Famous podcast.

Peter Kraus, the runner-up on Lindsay’s Bachelorette season, remains the current frontrunner. (THR's Bachelor experts debate why here.) 

Adams was on the set of Paradise when production shut down after a producer filed a misconduct complaint regarding a sexual encounter between two castmembers. Both parties, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson had consumed alcohol, and the former admitted mixing booze with medication. Production was delayed as Warner Bros. Television launched an internal investigation, which later determined that no misconduct took place.

When production resumed, Adams' role had also changed, as he was no longer permitted to serve more than two drinks per hour to castmembers. But he is adamant that alcohol consumption has not been a problem on the show.

"I think a lot of people think and assume that these producers are forcing drinks down your throat and telling us what to say, and maybe that’s happened in the past, but this is now my third show and no one’s ever told me to say anything or made me drink," said Adams. "So I have nothing but love for all the people involved, and I think everyone just needed to relax and wait for all of the information to come out.”

Evan Bass, a former Paradise contestant who returned to the set this season for his TV wedding, also told THR that he and his fellow castmates "were never once prodded or forced to drink alcohol."

Adams hails from Monterey, Calif., but currently lives in Nashville. He first introduced himself to Bachelor Nation as a radio DJ and has continued to maintain his radio hosting gig since his turn on reality TV.

The Bachelor in Paradise finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Sydney Odman contributed to this report. The story was updated Sept. 5 with Fleiss' confirmation that Adams will not be cast as ABC's Bachelor.