ABC's 'Whodunnit?' First Look: Inside the Ornate Set (Exclusive Video)

As ABC readies the launch of murder-mystery series Whodunnit?, The Hollywood Reporter debuts an in-depth look inside the ornate set with CSI vet Anthony Zuiker.

Whodunnit? shadows 13 contestants vying to determine which one of them committed a fictional murder at a mansion called Rue Manor, in Beverly Hills. The would-be sleuths follow the Clue formula, imploring real-life crime-scene investigation techniques to uncover and discern the staged evidence.

The featurette spotlights several rooms in the mansion, including the "morgue (with various crime-solving tools and a hint of blood), the Great Room (with a fish tank Zuiker says can be used as a murder weapon), a parlor room (with a full-length bar and stuffed bears all around) and the breakfast area (where "life can be snuffed out at any minute," he says).

Though there are many rooms for crimes to be committed in Rue Manor, Zuiker asks viewers not to forget about the outdoor pool and backyard.

"Remember, there's always a clue. But do your best to stay alive," Zuiker warns.

Gildart Jackson hosts the nine-episode murder-mystery competition.

Whodunnit? premieres 9 p.m. June 23 on ABC.

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