Whoopi Goldberg Wants Ken Jeong to Host the Oscars: "He Would Be Brilliant"

Ken Jeong Whoopi Goldberg - Getty - H Split 2018
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty; Dominik Bindl/Getty

Whoopi Goldberg and Ken Jeong agree that the latter should be the next host of the Oscars.

With Kevin Hart out of the running, Goldberg told Stephen Colbert on Tuesday's episode of The Late Show that no one has reached out to her to host the awards show. Goldberg previously served as host four times.

"I want Ken to do it," she said. "He would be brilliant. He would also constitute the first Asian American to host the Oscars. It would be a whole series of firsts. And he also loves film, and I think that's what you need in a host."

"You need somebody who actually gets why films are great and can tell you the ins and outs and the silliness of movies," she continued.

Goldberg then explained why she thinks no one wants to host the 2019 ceremony. "With social media, you used to only have to worry about newspaper critics saying stuff about you, but now you've got everybody and their mother, 'Well, I didn't like the way his teeth looked,'" she said. "Nobody wants to hear it, and it should be a lot easier to do than it is."

Over on Late Night, Jeong explained that he desperately wants to host the awards show.

Meyers mentioned that a few articles have listed the actor as a potential host, a comment that earned an enthusiastic round of applause from the audience.

"I was always taught when you set goals, make sure you keep them very high," said Jeong. "If I do not become the host of the Oscars, I will consider not only my career, but my life, a failure."

"Any goal that's out of your control, that doesn't really make sense whether you do it or not, I want it so bad," he continued.

Host Seth Meyers then asked if Jeong is worried that his determination to host the ceremony might make him come off as desperate. "My whole career is desperate!" he joked. "That is my brand. I came out of the womb as like, 'Hello!'"

Jeong previously discussed his interest in hosting the show when he visited The View, which Goldberg co-hosts, on Tuesday.

"In my opinion, if I don’t get the host of the Oscars — like divorce — I would consider myself a failure," he joked. "It's so important to me. I have to do this."

As the actor continued to discuss how badly he wants the job, Photoshopped images of him onstage at the awards show appeared onscreen.

"It's so important, Whoopi. You've been there," he told the co-host.

Goldberg admitted that she hopes he gets to host the show. The other co-hosts agreed that he would make a great host as Jeong pretended to stop himself from crying.