Why 'The Good Fight' Is Taking a Week Off From CBS All Access

THE GOOD FIGHT- The Gang Tries to Serve a Subpoena - Episode 402 - Publicity -H 2020
Patrick Harbron/CBS

Like hundreds of other TV and film productions, The Good Fight had to shut down in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. The show is also taking a one-week hiatus after Thursday's episode before returning April 30.

The reason? With the cast and crew of the CBS All Access series scattered across the country — and in some cases, around the world — during stay-at-home mandates brought on by the pandemic, postproduction has become a more time-consuming process. The show will use the extra week to complete work on future episodes. Seven of 10 episodes were filmed before production stopped, and the plan is to air the remaining five episodes weekly, starting April 30.

The show's cast, creators Robert and Michelle King, and members of the crew explained that process in a video message at the end of Thursday's episode, the second of The Good Fight's fourth season (watch the video below). The show's composer, Robert King explained, is in the European country of Andorra, as the music supervisor is adding songs from San Antonio, Texas, and they send their work to Los Angeles for the music editor to add to the episode. That then has to be sent to New York for mixing.

A similar process plays out across other departments, meaning everything takes more time to put together. 

The Good Fight cast and crew end the video by singing "You Are My Sunshine," "because why not?" as one member of the team says before kicking it off. Watch the video below.