Why Leslie Jones Wants Oprah to Run for President

“She has to run, 'cause I’ll get an Emmy if she runs,” Jones joked to Seth Meyers during her Tuesday-night apperance.
Courtesy of NBC

After Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones impersonated Oprah Winfrey during the show’s broadcast last week, the comedian explained to Seth Meyers how nervous she felt to take on the role of the powerful media mogul.

“I was scared, though, I wasn’t gonna get her voice right. I really wanted to do her justice, ‘cause she is the bomb,” Jones explained to the Late Night host Tuesday night.

Meyers jokingly asked whether Jones embodied a sense of empowerment while playing Winfrey. “While they were doing my makeup and putting everything on, I just had her picture in front of me and I just stared at her. And you just get that Oprah feeling. Like, you know, she has this chin, smile, fulfilling,” Jones explained as she began to impersonate Winfrey’s facial expressions.

Though it's a nerve-racking role to take on, Jones assured that she would benefit if Winfrey runs for president in 2020. “She has to run, ‘cause I’ll get an Emmy if she runs,” Jones joked. “I will play her to death. Go for it Oprah! I’d vote for you now.”

During the SNL episode, special guests Bill Murray and Fred Armisen returned to the stage to portray Steve Bannon and author Michael Wolff. Though Murray and Armisen are famous SNL alums, Jones explained that she doesn’t get nervous around them but does get jittery around Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

After expressing her excitement to attend Lopez's Vegas show, Jones said, “I’m literally going to change every time she changes. I will be the loudest."

Jones also recalled how nervous she gets asking Beyonce for a picture.

“Every time I take a picture with Beyonce, that’s how my face looks, because I’m always so scared and then I’m always scared that I can’t ask her for the picture over. So, all my pictures look like I got hit by a Range Rover in the middle of it.”