Why Michael Moore Won't Make a Trump Documentary

Michael Moore attends the closing ceremony screening of The Specials - Getty-H 2020
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Oscar-winning documentarian Michael Moore visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, where he celebrated the election results and discussed his letter to President-Elect Joe Biden.

Though he says he's feeling "really good" about Joe Biden being declared the president-elect over President Donald Trump, Moore admitted he thinks the country is "on guard" given "Trump is once again not dealing with reality."

"I never take anything for granted when it comes to him," Moore said, adding that it's conspicuous everyone is "justifiably nervous about getting through these next 69 days."

Hoping to celebrate the "positive," Colbert mentioned Biden's lead in Michigan, where Moore is from. "We did something really important," Moore said of the state turning blue, also crediting Biden's win to the youth and Black vote. "That's really what made the difference this year," Moore said.

Moore's appearance on The Late Show came the same day that he wrote a lengthy open letter to President-elect Joe Biden. In his letter, Moore asked Biden to promote a "National Popular Vote Act" and eliminate the electoral college vote. He also asked Biden to refrain from shifting from the progressive Left toward the "cowardly center," in an effort to appease the largest amount of lawmakers.

Speaking more on the letter, Moore explained that he spoke a lot about faith given he and Biden are both Catholics. "He and you and I we all went to Catholic school and we learned the same lessons," Moore said, with Colbert also mentioning that he was "really struck" about the conversations he's had with Biden about faith.

"He's a man of faith and that is going to serve us very well," Moore said.

He also explained that Biden choosing Harris to be his running mate, despite their spar of words during the first Democratic debate, also spoke of his "moral compass." "He held no grudge. He just didn't forgive. He put her on the ticket. Who would do that?"

Moore said that the beginning of a Biden and Harris term has symbolized a"positive sign" overall. "We are going to be in the polar opposite era than the four years that we just went through," he said.

Moore may not be a stranger to taking on politics in his documentaries but he said don't expect a Trump-centered film from him.

"I would not make that film in part because who would want to watch a film that showed you the last four years? The worst thing I could do to people is show them the last four years."