Wilderness Survival Reality Competition Show Set at Discovery (Exclusive)

Bush League Still - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel has greenlighted a new wilderness survival competition series that centers on the growing bushcraft movement.

The show, tentatively titled Bush League, will find a "group of wild artisans" setting out to prove who is the best at adapting, overcoming and thriving in an unknown environment.

The practice of bushcrafting centers on the use of "primitive wisdom, ingenuity, hard-won wilderness skills and a desire for self-reliance," as Discovery explains it. Those skills were once handed down from one individual to the next. Now it's taken on a new life on social media, as bushcrafters challenge each other to bigger and more elaborate builds.

Bush League will be hosted by "legendary bush master" Matt Graham as he guides the competitors through challenges in an elite series of bushcraft summits deep in the wilds of Utah, Graham's home state.

Two master bushcrafters will compete head-to-head in a build-off themed to a specific environment, topography and primitive living challenge. Over a seven-day build period, the bushcrafters will create builds, such as tools, weapons, structures and transportation, using only a few simple hand tools and whatever resources they can find in nature.

Graham will judge their completed projects based on what is said to be the four tenets of bushcraft: materials, craftsmanship, function and livability.

This show is set to debut later this year, joining other survival-themed series on Discovery's lineup, including the Naked and Afraid franchise and Men, Women, Wild.

Bush League is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions. Executive producers are Sarah Whalen, Ernie Avila, Steve Robillard and Matthew Braley and co-executive producer Adam Flacks for Original; Joseph Boyle and Dave Freed are executive producers for Discovery Channel.