'Wilfred' Stars on Final Season: The Mystery Will Be Solved (Q&A)

Elijah Wood, Jason Gann and Fiona Gubelmann talk tearful goodbyes and hint at a future beyond the FXX series: "Never say never."
Ray Mickshaw/FXX
Elijah Wood in "Wilfred"

Wilfred's final season begins airing Wednesday, and a major mystery still remains to be solved: What exactly is Wilfred? Is he a sign of mental illness or some sort of ancient spirit?

The FXX series' stars — Elijah Wood (Ryan), Jason Gann (Wilfred) and Fiona Gubelmann (Jenna)— hint that the mystery will more or less be revealed by the time the finale credits role.

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During a May visit to Wilfred's Venice set, the stars shared what they could with The Hollywood Reporter about where Wilfred ends up.

What can you tell us about season four?

Elijah Wood: The obvious tease is the end of the last season—that reveal of the cult statue that is very Wilfred-like. It is something we very much get into this season. That potential tease of where Wilfred is from. This season starts almost immediately right after that, and that becomes the focus of Ryan's character – trying to understand what that cult is all about. Trying to understand the origin of what Wilfred is.

Jason Gann: It's a rough season for Wilfred. It's a satisfying season and a satisfying end for us.

Will we learn what Wilfred is?

Gann: If someone has been frustrated, going "We're not getting enough answers," I think they will be satisfied where we take it. I don't know if it will make them feel happy, but they will feel satisfied. We've made some bold decisions.

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Wood: The crux that drives the show is the quest for answers. This season does deal with answers to a certain degree.

What's it like filming your final season?

Fiona Gubelmann: I was looking at the breakdown of the final day production – where I needed to be – and I started crying. We work with the best people and for the best network.

Gann: I did ten years of children's theater in Australia before I made the Wilfred short film. I never thought I'd get in another animal suit again, but thought I could get back in one for the two-day shoot. That was back in the end of 2001, and I'm still in the suit. I'm ready to get out of it. (laughs).

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Jason, you've now done both an Australian and American version of Wilfred. Would you consider doing a third incarnation?

Gann: Never say never. If Wilfred continues to grow on Netflix – there are so many people who have discovered us now. If this American show is anything ilk the Australian show, if that happens, maybe I'll get in the suit again. Other than that, it's just kids parties for me.

Wilfred airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX.

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