Will Arnett Learns Why Adults Drink Alcohol While in a Blanket Fort With Stephen Colbert

Also among the childhood truths mentioned: all teachers live at their schools, and bad things happen when sneezing with your eyes open.
Stephen Colbert and Will Arnett

Adulthood is hard sometimes, even for Will Arnett.

The actor momentarily escaped into a blanket fort with Stephen Colbert during Monday night's episode of The Late Show to discuss a few childhood truths.

"Everything you knew when you were a child is still true in the blanket fort," noted Colbert, introducing the bit amid a ton of junk food, pillows and toys.

Among their mentioned "facts": "Garbage men live at the dump," "all teachers live in the school," and "dogs and cats can get married" but "the dog is always the boy and the cat is always the girl." Also, bad things happen when sneezing with your eyes open.

And too truthfully, Arnett asked, "Why do adults drink alcohol if it tastes so bad?"

To which Colbert replied, "They need to drink it. Otherwise, they don't know how to laugh. Or sleep. Or do sex."

Watch the video below.