Late Night Last Night: Will Ferrell Sings New "Danny Boy" Lyrics, Jennifer Garner Hit by Pies (Video)

Will Ferrell Late Show Still - H 2015

If you've never feared snakes before, you will now.

Will Ferrell appeared as a guest on Tuesday's Late Show, and in honor of St. Patrick's Day, the Get Hard star dressed as a leprechaun and belted out the classic dirge "Danny Boy." But he gave the song new lyrics, which centered on the dangers of snakes. 

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"Stay away from DUMBO," Ferrell sang about the gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood. "Because in DUMBO, the snakes wear skinny jeans."

The entire song can be witnessed in the video below. 

Jennifer Garner stopped by The Tonight Show, where she agreed to play a version of Russian Roulette with Jimmy Fallon, with cream pies as the weapon.

"I don't want it to hit my face!" Garner exclaimed just before twisting the handle to see if the pie would land on her.

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To see which of them got struck with more desserts, watch the video below.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!, filming in Austin for South by Southwest this week, was treated to the presence of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who brought a bottle of whiskey with her to honor the Irish. She poured shots for herself and Jimmy Kimmel, but it was the host who seemed far more enthusiastic about imbibing.

"You might have to carry me out of here, by the way," Kimmel admitted to the actress after his third shot.

Find out just how soused they get in the video below.

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