Will Ferrell Stages Late-Night Takeover to Promote Ron Burgundy Podcast

Will Ferrell stopped by several late night shows Thursday, reprising his role as Anchorman's Ron Burgundy to promote the second season of his Ron Burgundy Podcast. 

The former San Diego newscaster's routine for each appearance included a bit of stand-up followed by an interview with late-night hosts. 

The second season of Ferrell's podcast debuts Thursday, with its first guest being Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris. 

On The Late Show, Ferrell's Burgundy was asked of all the late-night hosts he'd be chatting up, who would be his favorite. 

Ferrell revealed to Stephen Colbert that it would be none other than Christiane Amanpour. "She’s so funny, very highly intellectual," Ferrell said of CNN's Chief International Anchor. 

Speaking on whether this was Burgundy's first time in the Ed Sullivan Theater, where The Late Show is filmed, Ferrell's Burgundy replied he’d been there once before in 1964 to see his favorite magician, Fred Kaps.

"We had to listen through this incessantly screeching band called The Beatles," the anchorman griped. "I was like 'Get off the stage, you bums!' I don’t know why I had such a visceral reaction."

During his appearance, the fictional newscaster revealed that he once golfed with Donald Trump, where he witnessed the president shoot "90 under par." Calling Trump a "riverboat gambler," the comedian also shared that he did invest in some of the president’s properties, including Trump University. "I wrote the check and got three degrees," he shared. 

Discussing the biggest story of 2019, Ferrell said it had to be the Ferris Bueller Report. "No collusion, definitely obstruction," Ferrell's Burgundy said. "And the fact that you select a fictional movie character to investigate the president is way beyond my pay grade."

Ferrell's Burgundy also stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the "legendary broadcaster," as Kimmel described him, performed a stand-up segment for the studio audience, who erupted into applause when he took the microphone. "Wow, standing ovation! Get out of town. Much deserved. Much deserved," he quipped. 

Throughout his stand-up, Ferrell's Burgundy gave a shoutout to a myriad of random things such as greeting the "folks from Glendale," Rancho Cucamonga, Los Feliz and more.

"How many of you out there have watched pornography?" he asked. After some audience members raised their hands, he noted that there was "no joke here" and he "was just checking." 

The comedian then went on to explain why "dating is hard" and his experience on dating apps. "Apparently there's only one woman who's an exact match. She lives in Borneo," he revealed. Though reiterating that he "cannot make this stuff up" he later jabbed: "But I did. I made that up for your entertainment!" He also discussed technology and Buffalo Wild Wings ("They're not buffalo. They're not wild. It's chicken!") He also gave a shoutout to "weed smokers" and impersonated Jack Nicholson and Jimmy Stewart visiting a weed dispensary. "Next week you can catch me at the San Antonio Pizza Hut. Not sure they do stand-up comedy there but I'm going to try!" 

After his stand-up, he then joined Kimmel, sharing that he found inspiration for his jokes from other comedians. "It's the first time I've done stand-up. I steal a lot of the jokes. But that's what's great. You can cherry-pick." 

Speaking about his podcast, Ferrell's Burgundy said that they are making some "big changes" such as "releasing a lot of the podcast in Braille." He shared that his "dream guest" would be himself, but also the Pope and Kimmel. 

Ferrell's Burgundy also appeared on The Tonight Show, where he and Jimmy Fallon bantered about a variety of topics such as his love for Kylie Minogue. After the late-night host asked him who his favorite guest on his podcast has been, Ferrell's Burgundy quickly answered: "Two words: Kylie Minogue. You never want to meet your heroes and boy, Kylie and I, from the moment she came into the studio, we just looked at each other and it was on. She just bit me right in the ass." He went on to explain that they shared a crazy encounter that left them in the emergency room and he found himself "covered in cuts."

"I mean I looked like a mummy," he joked. "We're good friends now." 

To test his devotion to the singer, Fallon asked him to name three Kylie Minogue songs, to which Ferrell's Burgundy said, "'Take Me to the River,' 'Hot Air Balloon for Two' and 'Sydney Night.'" 

Fallon also asked rapid-fire questions where Ferrell revealed that Pop-Tarts are his favorite food, a meerkat is his favorite animal, brass knuckles are his favorite items of clothing and a belt sander is his favorite kitchen item. 

On Conan, Ferrell's Burgundy brought a "trunk of tricks" for his comedy set. Amongst his "property set", not to be confused with a "prop set" as the anchorman later clarified, he pulled out a pair of iPhone glasses for "the teens" so they wouldn't miss a LinkedIn request and a gassy Vladimir Tootin doll.

During Conan O'Brien's sit-down interview with the newscaster, O'Brien asked Burgundy how successful his stand-up has been thus far. Ferrell said that "out of 20 shows I have done, 17 have not been supportive." Ferrell added that some shows have actually turned to violence. 

"They hated my comedy so much they started beating each other... as Don Rickles said either leave them laughing or leave them fighting."

When the conversation turned to Ferrell's Burgundy podcast, he shared that he initially assumed he was doing a talk show versus being "in a padded room with a microphone." When asked why he didn't just turn down the podcast when he learned how the medium worked, Ferrell replied: "It was too much money to say no."

As for what listeners can expect for the second season? Ferrell's Burgundy shared that while the first held exciting reveals such as Ted Cruz being the infamous zodiac killer, the second season will "be a bit of a letdown." 

When Conan reminded the anchorman he was there to promote his podcast, not trash it, the funny man replied, "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shit."

Meanwhile, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ferrell's Burgundy tried his hand at ventriloquism with a hipster dummy named J.J.

He quickly became frustrated with J.J.'s unwillingness to cooperate during the comedy set, made worse by the dummy telling him the audience was "nervous because you're not funny and have no talent." The comedian lashed out and beat J.J. against his stool. 

Meyers invited Ferrell's Burgundy to come over for the interview portion of his appearance, seeing as J.J. couldn't perform anymore. The two discussed upcoming guests for the second season of Burgundy's podcast, most notably "the ghost of former president Gerald Ford."

"What's compelling about interviewing a ghost is you can't see them," Ferrell's Burgundy explained to Meyers. "You'll just feel a cold breath on the back of your neck and that's when you'll assume they are there."

Over at The Late Late Show, Ferrell's Burgundy once again treated the audience to a stand-up special where he was quick to describe things he "hates" including going to the dentist, PayPal ("I have to give you 80 bucks?... You're just some jerk taking my money!"), tiny refrigerators called minibars, divorce and tax time. He also touched on "hot button topic" immigration. "President Trump says he wants to build a wall and that Mexico is going to pay for it. Mexico? Are you kidding me?" he asked. "Let me ask you this Mr. President, how do you expect Mexico to pay for this wall? Oh, let me guess: PayPal?" 

Afterward, Ferrell's Burgundy joined Corden on the couch for an interview, which he says was proof that he was a legit comedian. "When a comedian gets pulled over to the couch that means he's hot stuff. I've only done stand up five times." 

Ferrell's Burgundy proceeded to explain that he enjoyed discussing serious topics in his stand-up in a "poignant way." He then asked for a "tight shot" from the camera to offer words of wisdom to the audience: "You know what folks? If you don't challenge yourself, you die." 

Hoping to get his thoughts on current events, Corden then asked what he thought of Trump's infamous "fake news," which Ferrell's Burgundy described as a "real bugaboo." "I remember back in my day, I prematurely announced that we had won the Vietnam War. That was eight years before it ended. I got some flack and I wasn't a big enough man to correct my mistake on the air." 

He then reiterated: "Do your research. Challenge yourself or you'll die." 

Later on, he joked that his "dream guest" would be Abraham, Chris Pine or Chris Pratt. "That would be a killer podcast; All the Chris's in one room with our shirts off wrestling."

Corden and Ferrell's Burgundy were later joined by an animal handler from the San Diego Zoo. As soon as a skunk was brought onstage, Ferrell's Burgundy ran to hide by the couch. "I'm just going to take a knee down over here. It's the only animal that keeps me up at night."