Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis and Jon Hamm Tweak Lame Interviewers on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

Funnymen "Campaign" co-stars made some jokes, and then brought on the "Mad Men" star to spice up what is become a very mundane press tour.
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Let this serve as a warning to interviewers everywhere: there are rarely pranks on a movie set. Now, find some new questions.

True, it'd be a fan's dream to hang out and watch some hijinks between two world class funnymen like Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, but movie making is serious business. Which is the point they made with some wry sarcasm Thursday night on The Daily Show -- unless Galifianakis really has a nut allergy, and an abiding love of Filene's Basement -- with Jon Stewart standing in for uncreative interviewers.

VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon, Zach Galifianakis Switch Spots in 'Late Night' Interview Goof

Luckily, Jon Hamm was there to save the day. And when Jon Hamm demands an apology, an apology is made.

Then again, Hamm doesn't quite like lame press questions, either. Which led Stewart to make an apology of his own -- to the entire viewing public, and all the stars he's ever interviewed.

"I just wanted to tell you people that, I figured, because this is basic cable," Stewart said somberly, "that I could bring on two-to-three stars and basically, just film a circle jerk, and I apologize to you and the people at home, and not just for the interview I did here, but all the interviews, and the show in general."

Consider it good faux-payback for Stewart's entertaining hijacking of Galifianakis' own talk series, Between Two Ferns.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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