Will Ferrell's Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercial Erotically Mocks GoDaddy (Video)

The comedy star continues his run of highly off-beat commercials for the beer brand, though only three cities got to see it.

If you came away from the Super Bowl thinking GoDaddy had the best commercial featuring a makeout session, or felt that no beer ad could match the emotion of the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial, you were wrong. Very, very wrong.

Behold, Will Ferrell's latest commercial for Old Milwaukee Beer, the watery brew that has fueled college parties for years. Launched with a Super Bowl spot last year that ran only in Nebraska, Ferrell's campaign has dotted the globe with peculiar, impressionistic pieces that deconstruct the entire concept of advertising.

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His ad on Sunday -- which reportedly only ran in the small towns of Sherman, Texas; Ardmore, Oklahoma; and Glendive, Montana -- features a romantic scene on a bus and a classic score. As he told Eater San Diego in December, he doesn't get paid for the ads, but enjoys vast creative freedom. And he very much endorses the product: "Old Milwaukee makes a product to get you drunk," he said. "It's good in eight or nine or ten samplings. You can't just enjoy one."