Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy Performs 'Ride Like the Wind' With Christopher Cross (Video)

The fictional newscaster joked with the 1980 hit's original musician while performing the "Anchorman 2" duet he recorded with Robin Thicke.

Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy picked up the microphone for another musical performance, this time with Christopher Cross for "Ride Like the Wind." To perform the song that appears on the Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues soundtrack with Robin Thicke, the fictional newscaster sang and joked with the 1980 hit's original musician on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday. 

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Wearing a sailor's cap and a fur coat, Ferrell filled Cross' vocal voids with the humorous asides present on the soundtrack's "duet" with Thicke, such as "You're riding like the wind, for those who don't know," and "Why is he singing lead? I'm much better."

And though the performance didn't end with Ferrell getting trapped in a recording studio, he instead asked with caution if the smoke onstage is atmospheric or if there's an actual fire somewhere in the building.

The Dec. 19 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was the rumored live performance that Thicke was aiming to join Ferrell onstage for. The two also planned to create a music video together. Nevertheless, Ferrell's rendition with the original "Ride Like the Wind" singer still captured Ron Burgundy's hilariously silky, seductive attitude.

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Throughout the ubiquitous Anchorman 2 promotional blitz, Ferrell had previously gone into his musically-minded character to serenade Toronto mayor Rob Ford on Conan and joined his co-stars onstage for a cappella performances of the original film's "Afternoon Delight" in Los Angeles and Sydney.

Watch the "Ride Like the Wind" performance below:

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