Will Forte Taking Calls to Plug 'The Last Man on Earth' (Exclusive)

Anyone Out There Flyer - P 2015

Anyone Out There Flyer - P 2015

What isn't Will Forte doing for The Last Man on Earth? The creator, writer and star of the (mostly) one-man show is now actively participating in Fox's promotional campaign for the series.

The network began unrolling marketing for the midseason comedy on Monday morning — including 12,000 fliers that feature a contact number for Forte's titular character, the lone survivor of a comically apocalyptic event. For a vast majority of the callers, the live number will go straight to voicemail (hear below), but a few will get in touch with Forte directly.

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The comedian, still on set filming the first season, will be occasionally taking calls from those who come across the fliers. They're now going up around New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco — primarily around college campuses, community boards and high-traffic areas. And, in case you don't happen upon one, try him at 520-428-1174.

Fox is also dropping branded vending machines in six of those markets, with apocalypse-proof snacks (think preservative-heavy Twinkies and Slim Jims), survival materials (flashlights and first-aid kits), a few American Airlines gift cards and even two $5,000 cash prizes. Tweets containing "#LastStuffonEarth" will get codes to use the vendors for free.

The Last Man on Earth, which does actually include actors besides Forte, gets a one-hour premiere on March 1. Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who also serve as executive producers, directed the pilot.