'Good Morning America' Features Woman Who Lost Nearly 300 Pounds (Video)

Natalie Strawn sat down with Lara Spencer on Monday's show to talk about her transformation.

On Good Morning America on Monday, Lara Spencer sat down with a 20-year-old Nebraska woman who has lost nearly 300 pounds. Natalie Strawn once weighed 552 pounds, but, with the help of WeightWatchers, she’s been shedding the pounds, on her way to a complete transformation.

A video shows how Strawn was a lonely child, and used food as a comfort. “I didn’t have any friends, but I had food, so I ate,” she says in the video. Strawn weighed 330 pounds by the time she was in the sixth grade.

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Strawn was finally fed up with her weight gain when she reached 552 pounds, and joined a weight loss program. She chronicled her progress in a video diary.

Strawn, who has lost 282 pounds to date, sat down with her mom to talk to Spencer about her journey. Strawn said when she was at her highest weight she could barely walk and couldn’t even get into a car.

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"When you're 552 pounds, they don't make cars for people that size," Strawn told GMA.

"It wasn't until I lost about 100 pounds that I could start exercising," she added. Strawn added that her dream weight is 168 pounds. She added that she hopes to study nutrition and perhaps even work for WeightWatchers someday.

“If I can do it, anyone can do it,” Strawn said.