Woody Harrelson Says He Was Hungover at 'Free Birds' Premiere (Video)

The actor tells Jimmy Kimmel that he partied a bit too hard the night before a screening of his kids movie with Owen Wilson.
ABC/Randy Holmes

If Woody Harrelson seemed a bit out of it at Sunday's premiere of his upcoming animated movie Free Birds, he was.

Evidently the actor had been up all night before the noon event, drinking tequila and playing pool, before getting just three and a half hours of sleep that morning, he explained on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Harrelson said he was walking around the kids event in a daze and told co-star Owen Wilson ahead of time that he needed to take the lead on interviews, adding "I can barely stand up."

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So, as they were interviewed together, Wilson would answer the question and then ask Harrelson what he thought and he would say that he agreed with his co-star.

Kimmel said Harrelson has created a "fun game" for people to play as they watch his interviews from the premiere.

"Please know when you see it that Woody is totally hungover," the host explained.

Relativity releases Free Birds in theaters on Nov. 1.