'Workaholics' Co-Creator Previews Season 4: Penile Transplants, EDM and Molly

Kyle Newacheck - P 2013
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The Workaholics boys are back Wednesday, with the Comedy Central slacker series returning for season four.

When we catch up with Adam (Adam DeVine), Blake (Blake Anderson) and Ders (Anders Holm )  in the season premiere, they will be trying to get into an electronic dance music festival. But true to Workaholics form, things don't go as planned.

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"They're trying to do Molly, and they end up maybe doing some Molly, but it's not necessarily in the environment that they have planned," Workaholics co-creator and director of the premiere Kyle Newacheck tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a very cool setting that they end up doing it in."

Newacheck, who plays the guys' drug-dealing buddy Karl on the show, says ahead of the new season that he and the rest of the team decided they wanted to go back to the series' beginnings.

"We had a big conversation this year about just going back to the roots a little bit. We had a few departures in season three that I personally liked -- like the future episode. I personally love those types of episodes, but this season we're trying to bring it back to basic, real adventures the guys would go on."

Among the departures from formula last season were "The Future is Gnar," which saw Blake imagine a future in which machines had taken over their office, and "A TelAmerican Horror Story," a horror-tinged tale about the guys staying up all night in the office and discovering it may be haunted.

"We really are in touch with our fans, and I think a lot of our fans just want to see the guys drinking and smoking and being numbskulls at work and what not," Newacheck says.

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Comedy Central has already renewed Workaholics for a fifth season, and Newacheck maintains that the approach at the beginning of a season still remains the same.

"We all get in a room and talk about what makes us laugh, and try to hit a lot of the topical things and think about how we can spin them to make them funny."

The fourth season of Workaholics premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m.

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