WWE Star Chris Jericho's Web Series Is 'Lethal Weapon' With More "Feelings"

"The one sentence description would be, 'Two cops analyze their feelings while on a stakeout.'"
Comedy Central

Chris Jericho is ready to kick butt outside of the ring.

The WWE champ has unveiled six episodes of Nothing to Report, a buddy cop web series from Comedy Central. It centers on Chance (Jericho) and his partner, Moses (Nick Mundy), who have a relationship akin to the partners you've seen in movies like Lethal Weapon, but who spend more time bickering in their car than blowing stuff up.

"If it were in TV Guide, the one sentence description would be, 'Two cops analyze their feelings while on a stakeout,'" Jericho tells The Hollywood Reporter.  "Lethal Weapon is all the action and all the adventure, but what do they do for the 23 hours a day?"

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Mundy wrote the series with director Clint Gage and co-writer Michael Truly. The trio have been collaborating for years under the sketch group Team Tiger Awesome and they also wrote the upcoming Wonder Twins for Blue Ribbon/WB Digital. Mundy says he and his writing partners grew up obsessed with movies like Tango & Cash and Lethal Weapon.

"These guys — they're in real relationships with each other," Mundy says of the buddy cop formula.

One episode (see below) puts a spin on the archetypical scene in which two cops compare different battle scars. 

"It's that whole scene that so many have done," says Mundy. "This one is talking about all of their emotional scars and showing off all the terrible things happening in their life. That was kind of the thesis of the show."

Jericho is confident in the quality of the show, which was shot in just three days, plugging it with the kind of bluster his wrestling fans have come to expect.

"I'm a big fan of Comedy Central's web series, and being unbiased/totally, ridiculously biased, I think it's the funniest piece of material that has come out of ComedyCentral.com in years," Jericho says.

Watch the first episode, released Monday, below. All six episodes can be streamed here.