Inside the 'Wynonna Earp' Season 2 Finale

Showrunner Emily Andras talks to THR about Wynonna's big reveal and more.
Michelle Faye/Syfy

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season-two finale of Syfy's Wynonna Earp.]

A demon apocalypse, a dastardly duo of face-stealing widow wives and a freshly resurrected, fuzzy-coat-wearing Revenant named Bobo Del Rey (Michael Eklund) unleashed righteous hell in Purgatory in the middle of Friday’s season-two finale of Wynonna Earp. In addition to all of the apocalyptic fire and brimstone, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) births the hotly anticipated “Baby Earp.”

“We don’t have time for feelings; we need a plan,” a brave-faced Wynonna says during the hour. It sounds like a solid warning, but even the battle-weary badass knows that she doesn’t exactly mean what she says. Because in her world, there’s no way that one doesn’t follow the other.

To help break down the events of Friday's season finale, as well as what it means for season three of the Syfy drama (returning in 2018), The Hollywood Reporter turned to creator and showrunner Emily Andras to discuss the good (those darling new characters), the bad (the big kind, and his name is Balshar) and the ugly (so many secrets).

Wynonna finally gives birth, gives up her baby and then, in the final scene, goes to see her own mom, who essentially gave up on her daughters and left. These two are going to have a lot to talk about.

Exactly. There’s the implication that Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) has no idea where her mama had gone — that she just left. The reveal is that Wynonna knows where she is, or has known where she is, and has some history with Mama regarding the demon Balshar. One of Wynonna’s biggest secrets is that she knows where Mama has been. Now Mama's back onscreen. I mean, the back of her. The hair part. She has the same Earp hair as Waverly and Wynonna. That's all we know about her.

Rosita turned on Wynonna and Waverly. Why?

I know! It is rude. That's the right response. It's been delicious to see just how much the Earpers have fallen in love with Rosita. Which is a testimony to Tamara Duarte's nuanced performance. Look, I definitely feel like that was a heartbreaking situation, and I think it's not resolved in any way. Wynonna backed Rosita into a corner, and Rosita made a terrible choice. But resolving that, or hunting down and finding Rosita, is going to be a really interesting part of season three.

Jeremy (Varun Saranga) is a character that brought some levity to season two.

There's so many more layers that you can peel back on him. So again, even though he's this lighthearted character, there's depth to Jeremy we still haven't explored, including the idea that he was maybe recruited by Black Badge for something other than his Seinfeld impersonations.

When you're working in this fantasy world, you have a unique opportunity to write beloved characters back into the storyline. Did you have an idea that Bobo would be a character that you wanted to revisit?

Michael Eklund has such incredible charisma and presence onscreen. He really delighted us the first season. There's the extra burden to make that character terrifying, evil and charming, and Eklund did it in spades. I think his story wasn't finished yet, and he has a lot of insight into Waverly's parentage and the Earp family. He came back right when we needed him. I still think that even though it's a crazy fantasy show, there have to be some rules that we follow, or else you start to lose the audience. You can play around with lots of stuff, but you still have to be grounded. We were very careful about that.

How do you write a story that you don't know will have the opportunity to continue, and how do you justify that this season's ending could've been the end of the story?

I wouldn't have been fine with it. We really threw everything and the kitchen sink in season two. You have to use your best material now. You can't hold off for season six because you don't know if you’ll have a season six.

Do you have some idea how you want it to end?

I do. You have to have some idea where you're going, or you'll get lost. Like all the best journeys, you should be open to taking a side road if it looks like it's gonna be fun. You have to be willing to change your mind a little, and if something better presents itself, by all means pursue it. But I definitely have a very clear idea of how I could achieve that … in season 22.

What can you say about season three?

[There will be] higher stakes! Wynonna [will be] back in fighting form! What is Waverly? More moms!

Who’s going to be pregnant next year?

Oh, my God! Nobody. At this point, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Knowing my luck, it'll be Kat (Katherine Barrell, who plays Nicole) and Dominique. It'll be Wayhaught pregnancies. So, Dolls is pregnant with the spirit of Christmas. Somehow Jeremy is pregnant. Sure. Whatever. Sign me up. I need a challenge. It would almost be worth it to tell my producers again just to see the look on their faces and to have complete silence for five minutes. I'm not saying I'm putting birth control in everyone's drink, but I might be. Is that inappropriate?