'X Factor' Burning Questions: How Big is Emblem3's Ego? What Did Kim Kardashian Think of Sister Khloe's Hosting Debut?

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X Factor judge Simon Cowell is never one to mince words, and with the first week of live shows now in the rearview mirror, he told reporters exactly what he thought of the initial broadcast.

"I thought it was a bit sloppy," said the Brit matter-of-factly on Thursday night. "We didn’t have enough time to really prepare ourselves. Too much going on. Terrible song choices." 

We couldn't agree more, but still had plenty more burning questions for all four judges -- Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and L.A. Reid -- as well as the show's new hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian. Read on for the answers...

What made Demi Lovato change her hair back to a dark color? It's the time of the season, explained the 20-year old judge. "Going into winter, it's harder to maintain a healthy skin tone," said Lovato. "It just sucks the color out of everyone, so I tend to go dark during the holidays just because it's a nice contrast. Rather than be blonde and pale, it's better to be dark-haired and pale. Also it's the only thing I act out on anymore. Just my hair. It's the only rebellion that I have. Well maybe some tattoos..."

Why save CeCe Frey over Willie Jones? "I saw the warrior in her eye, and a determination that showed people she deserved to be in this competition," said the Young Adults' mentor, Lovato. "No matter what happens,  I think you're still going to see things from her because she does want to so badly ... and I believe she has the potential to win the entire thing. We have to obviously work on some things because she was in the bottom two tonight, but she has the fire that it takes to make it in this industry."

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What was Britney Spears thinking sending Diamond White home? "It was really just dreadful, because I love Diamond," said the Teens' mentor. "But one had to go, so you have to make that decision and it's really tough because they're so incredibly talented. She has an amazing voice for such a young age."

How big is Emblem3's ego? "It’s huge -- I encourage that," answered Cowell. "They do remind me in a lot of ways of when I started working with One Direction, which was this self-confidence, having fun, wanting to win but at the same time kind of difficult to manage, but I like that. I have fun working with them. And they are infectious."

Did L.A. Reid regret choosing "Dance Again" for fan favorite Jason Brock? "It's a fun song," defended the Epic Records boss. "I just watched Jennifer Lopez do it live in concert and it was great. But ... I got it wrong." However, the Over 25s judge  promised he will make it up to  Brock for next week's show. "I have something up my sleeve that I think is strong," he said. "You know what it is with us, judges? We are so busy listening to ourselves that we don't spend enough time listening to our contestants. What I'm doing now is listening to him. I like what he's saying better than what I am saying. So, next week we will get it right."

Was L.A. Reid playing with Britney Spears' hair? "I actually had fun with Britney tonight," said Reid, who sits to Spears' right. "The first night, she was as nervous as the rest of us, and tonight we were all a little more relaxed. So we talked and played more and she told me jokes and made me laugh."

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How did Mario Lopez feel about getting his butt pinched by Jason Brock? "Apparently it brought him luck because he made it through," cracked the show's host his magical derriere.

Were the hosts sad to see any acts go home? "The girls who went home, Sister C," said Lopez. "They were like a hot Dixie Chicks so I would have thought they would thrive in the country world. If I was a record label, I would want to sign them -- they're beautiful and sing great and they're sisters."

Does the winner have an open invitation to sing at Lopez's upcoming wedding to longtime girlfriend Courtney Mazza? "Hey, that's a good idea," the affable host exclaimed. Of course, the wedding is scheduled in the midst of the show's finale. Will that be a problem? "Let's see, I do the results show Thursday and then I fly in early on Friday, I get there just in time for my dinner party and I get married the next day," said Lopez, unfazed. "Then I've gotta fly back -- so I'm squeezing in a wedding!"

Did Khloe Kardashian get advice from any of her sisters after her inaugural broadcast? Said the hosting newbie: "My sister Kim was, like, 'You did amazing, but don't yell so much!' And I did notice that at some points. I was like, 'Why did I just yell?' Because you do! It's just natural. ... I love constructive criticism. I've never done this before so I just think I can only get better. Hopefully!"

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