'X Factor' Burning Questions: Is Emblem3 Box Office Bound?

Who is eyeing a guest spot on "Glee"? Who wants to be thrown out of a bar on-screen? And who said the reality show is "fake"? Will One Direction return for the finale? Read on for the answers.
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With just two weeks remaining on The X Factor, the top four already have their eyes on the next phases of their career. Surprisingly (or not), reality television doesn’t factor into those plans.

Drew Chadwick of Emblem3, for instance, can’t believe “how fake reality TV is.”

“I suck at it,” he said. “I hope I never have to do it again.”

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Just how much reality is behind those cameras? Not much, revealed the California trio. To prove it, they shared an example of how producers said they wanted to go to the beach and watch them surf.

“[They told us to] start talking while we were out there about how this competition compares to catching that big wave,” Chadwick laughed. “Please. Can you get any more cliché? Seriously. The worst part is, I say something inspiring and they won’t use it, but I’ll say something like 'Carly sucks' and they’ll use that. They make me look like an idiot.”

The group said they were offered good direction, er advice, from Liam Payne of One Direction, whom they said will return for the finale.

"[He said], 'Remember why you first got into this competition, what you love about music and why you are doing all of this to begin with.' And stay true to yourself," said Wesley Stromberg, "He’s a cool guy."

Admittedly, it's a little disappointing being edited all the time, the boys revealed.

"It sucks because I care about how my image is being portrayed, not only physically, but who I am,” Chadwick said. “They just use the dumbest most simplest things from everything, but that is a reflection of the people watching the show. Dude, they are not very bright. I’m being real, man.”

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Still, the group has much respect for the people voting them into the top three last week, as does Tate Stevens, who is rather enjoying his time in Hollywood and is super excited about his two songs for this week -- even though his original song choice was once again switched.

“We’re staying country, which I am excited about. There will be no more taking a goldfish for a walk. I’m tired of those comments. The song I chose is going to let people in on where I’m from and how we have fun,” he said.

Interestingly enough, Stevens has learned much from Simon Cowell’s critiques and respects his opinion.

“Simon chimes in every once in a while,” he said. "This is his house. We’re all his in some weird way.”

So who has their eyes on a television career? Who wants to be in pictures? Who wants to film an Entourage-style show? And which group thinks this will be the week the public sees exactly what kind of music they will record in the future? Read on for the burning questions.

Does Carly Rose Sonenclar enjoy reality television? I hope I don’t have to do reality television again. Hopefully I will get to do a scripted show. I like Glee and Smash.

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What advice did L.A. Reid give Sonenclar? He said, "if it’s a sad song, sell that, if it’s a happy sell it. Don’t be in the middle" … I always try to be respectful of everybody’s [advice] here. These are top of the line people, whether it’s filming, vocal coaching, digital, stage hands…everybody is top people. You have to have a good reputation because once you get out of the show, you might be working with them, so if you are not nice to one person, who spreads it around to everybody, you won’t work again. I also try to be a nice person in general.

Does reality television feel the same in person as it does watching it at home? Tate Stevens says: "No. It’s long days, and mentally taxing… a lot of things go on to make that one little segment that you watch.”

Is Tate moving to to music city and how does his family feel about it? I will move to Nashville, because that’s where country music lives. [The kids] are not excited about that (Stevens’ son is 16, his daughter is 11). We wouldn’t move right away. I’ll commute.  Within a year or two we’ll move.

Has Stevens been bitten by the Hollywood bug? I would love to be in movies. I think I would like to one day be in a western and get thrown out of a bar window or something.

How about Emblem3? What are their Hollywood plans? Apparently, their uncle Robert Stromberg, who worked on Avatar and is now directing Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, has ideas. Says Wesley: "I’d do a movie... that’d be sick. My uncle Robert Stromberg, he is like literally one of the biggest directors on the entire planet, he’s going to find parts for us." Keaton: "Honestly, I would want to be on HBO. Like a show like Entourage... Just so real… We would kill where we could be ourselves." Drew: "If we had a reality show about our lives and living in Cali and the whole experience of breaking a band, it would be the dopest show ever…I have a whole philosophy about breaking a band that has the whole package, like us."

What was Fifth Harmony’s favorite moment on the show so far? Normani said that her favorite was performing with the “big ensemble with the kids from the school…we didn’t only make a difference in their lives, but they made an impact on us.”

If Fifth Harmony gets a record deal, what will it sound like? Lauren said to listen very closely to the group’s two songs Wednesday night. “Our album should sound like this week.”

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