'X Factor' Burning Questions: Was Emblem3's Mob Scene Staged? Will Carly Rose Sonenclar Cover Justin Bieber?

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Jeff Lipsky / FOX

Age: 13

Hometown: Westchester County, NY

Watch Her Sing

After two consecutive weeks on top of the X Factor leader board, is Carly Rose Sonenclar feeling pretty comfortable?

To hear the 13-year old "alien" singer tell it, she still thinks she could fall from grace any moment, so she saves her voice by not speaking off camera.

"I know that talking a lot after singing so much is not a good idea," she said. " I could be singing tomorrow for survival, so, I just try to save my voice for singing."

With another week of competition on the books, and two shocking eliminations Thursday evening, we had plenty of burning questions for the remaining contestants. For instance, was that Emblem3 fan rush at The Grove, Los Angeles' shopping Mecca, for real? Who is having mentoring issues? Who wants to cover a Justin Bieber song? Read on for the answers:

How did Fifth Harmony feel about performing Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Stronger” in front of the songwriters?

Dinah-Jane Hansen: "He didn't even tell us that it was going to happen, I heard [Simon Cowell] say that the songwriters, 'two of my best friends' were in the crowd, and  I was like, 'Yeah.' I think we would have had more pressure if he told us before. I’m glad he didn't tell us. I'm so glad he didn't tell any of us."

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What did Tate Stevens think about Simon’s dig at his dance skills?

"I was, like, ‘Really? I think I'm a pretty damn good dancer, man.’ I was just having fun, that was the goal tonight -- to go out and do what I do."

Would CeCe Frey ever join another reality show?

"I didn't get in this show because I just wanted to be famous. That was not the point, so, no. I got in this thing to start my career and to be an artist. I'm an artist at the end of the day, not even just a singer. It just so happened that I worked for years and years and finally the opportunity came along to be on the X Factor, and I took it and I ran with it. But no, I would not hop from this to another reality show. I'm not a fame monster. Actually what I hate most about this show is the reality side of it. I would love to just get out there every week and put on a performance and let people see who I am as an artist."

What does Emblem3 during in their time off?

Wesley Stromberg: "On my day off I go back to Huntington and try to chill and relax. I love working on music, so every day is still fun."

Keaton Stromberg: "Music is what we want to do with our lives and it’s why we’re here in the first place. We just love to enjoy it. Why would you be in the industry if you’re not trying to enjoy it? That’s what it’s about really."

Drew Chadwick: "I just like… girls. I like girls and I miss girls. I’m 20 man, I’m not 15. I get one day a week to spend it with my girl and that’s always really nice. Just to like, feel her."

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What did Vino Alan think of his last-minute song change?

"It's going to throw you off. You got your energy in one thing and they pick a whole other song for you to do ... it was nuts. But to me, what we're supposed to do is rise to the occasion and do it. I thought he was joking when he said to do 'You've Lost the Lovin' Feeling.' Because I remember Top Gun, so to me, it was just wanting to reinvent this song and make it sexy. I do get what they're saying. I got to bring some more modern. I've been doing some old stuff but I have to show how I'm relevant in the music industry right now."

Was that Emblem3 mob staged?

Wesley: "It happened. They legitimately chased after us."

Keaton: "If that was staged, they fooled me too! Now I’m starting to wonder… no, it was real." (Laughs)

Drew: "I had no idea that was gonna happen. We showed up to the Grove for the meet and greet and it started out normal, taking pictures, signing autographs. Then it turned into 200 girls all over us and security came and grabbed us and were like,‘You guys gotta get out of here! They grabbed us and got us through the pack, we got to the front and we started booking it and they started chasing us. It was insane."

Wesley: "It was for Extra and it was supposed to end. We weren’t even supposed to sign autographs and interact with the fans at all. We broke the rules of security and dipped off and just started taking pictures and it turned into 10 minutes later, too many people and then we had to get out of there."

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How does Tate Stevens feel about conflict between the judges?

"I like watching it because it's kind of like, ‘Hey, that's my mentor sticking up for me.’ That's like, ‘Yeah! That's   get him! Don't let him talk about me like that.’ So I find actually confidence when they do that. That's right -- talk trash [and] that's what happens. You make him mad. You know, so I like it.

Who would Carly Rose like to cover next?

"Amy Winehouse, maybe. Maybe Justin Bieber, because that would be cool, because that would be different. I don't know, just taking the unexpected and kind of making it my own." 

What was the story behind  Paige Thomas’ inspirational manicure?

"My nails say 'Have Faith.' It’s a little reminder that I wrote myself because I was just so nervous. I wouldn’t want to say that I stood up to my mentor, but I voiced my concern as far as my direction. It was very risky and I knew that going into but I knew I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I got eliminated and I wasn’t myself. If this was going to be my last performance, I wanted it to be [one] where I’m happy. I just want it to be true to who I am."

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