'X Factor' Bids Farewell to Diamond White and CeCe Frey: 20 Things You Didn't See on TV

Fifth Harmony hugged, L.A. Reid grinned and Ke$ha slithered on Thursday night. Plus, a bonus: Nick Jonas.
Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Thursday’s X Factor saw another two acts go home, one winner return, a pop star push all limits of network decency and -- bonus! -- a surprise Jonas. Now, with only four finalists left, nervousness could be felt in every corner of the 500-seat studio -- our chair included. What else did we catch that didn’t make the broadcast? Read on…

1.     Oops. Frank the audience warm-up guy was struggling a bit with his opening act, mistakenly referring to co-hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez as "Khloe and Lamar," and minutes later, accidentally dropping the four-letter S word while on the microphone amidst a tween-heavy crowd.

2.     Talent, as it turns out, can be found anywhere, anytime. Case in point: young Emily from Beverly Hills, who, from her seat, whipped out an a cappella rendition of Fun.’s “Some Nights” that was spot-on. Hey Nate/Jack/Andrew: if you need a backup singer, this is your girl!

3.     Britney Spears was sporting some serious extensions on this elimination night -- the kind that required extra attention at the top of the show. Even fiancé Jason Trawick jumped in to push aside flyaways.

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4.     Despite the grim final outcome of the night, all the judges seemed to be in a particularly bubbly mood. Britney was grooving to Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” from her seat while L.A. Reid swayed nearby and Demi Lovato showed off her CeCe Frey-inspired face paint.

5.     Jason Trawick snapped a quick photo of his soon-to-be-bride with L.A. Reid, then fist-bumped her possible future label boss goodbye.

6.     Khloe Kardashian made her entrance, spotting mom Kris Jenner in the audience, just as L.A. Reid made eye contact with his host, then complimented her on the curvaceous shape of her behind.

7.     The previous night’s video recap prompted Britney to look around, mouth agape and in astonishment, clearly feeling the sting of every harsh comment -- particularly Demi’s as they related to Emblem3.

8.     While the audience and judges get a refresher, Melanie Amaro is positioned atop a cylindrical podium that climbs a good 10 feet from the stage floor. Let’s just say, it’s not a good look.

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9.     Although the season one winner seemed almost stern atop the metal phallus, she let loose for the song, called “Long Distance,” as did L.A. Reid, who was seen air drumming (he's a drummer in real life) from his seat and singing along.

10. During the headphone hawking portion of the show, the judges exit their seats and head backstage to accompany their acts as the votes are announced.

11. Call them solidarity sisters: Demi Lovato grabbed her contestant’s hand as they marched to their marks. The two then stopped to pose cheek-to-cheek, before CeCe hung her head down as if bracing herself for the inevitable bad news.

12. Sure enough, CeCe is given the heave-ho. She leaves amid a shower of hugs from Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White, blown kisses from the girls of Fifth Harmony and hand slaps from the fans down below in the pit.

13. Simon Cowell took a moment during the commercial break to hug the Fifth Harmony girls and wish Diamond White good luck. Carly Rose, of course, doesn’t really need any, but she got a supportive Cowell embrace as well.

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14. Among the most confident guys in the room? Emblem3, who barely flinched when they were declared safe.

15. Another break brings Ke$ha to the stage and Nick Jonas to the crowd. The youngest Jonas Brother had popped by to chat with pal Demi Lovato -- in private. The two wandered off to the side of the stage for a laugh and high-five.

16. Ke$ha’s provocative performance certainly had the parents in the room wincing, but there’s no doubt the pop star is a pro -- long after the last note was sung, she freeze-framed her final pose until the show was safely in a commercial break.

17. With the bottom two revealed, the judges sat up and started to pay close attention -- first to Fifth Harmony’s performance, then Diamond White’s. The latter didn't make it through, but she has a huge fan in audience member Emily, who was screaming at the top of her little pre-teen lungs. Alas, to no avail.

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18. L.A. Reid breathed a visible sigh of relief once Tate Stevens was cleared for the semifinals. It will turn into a giant grin as soon as the ranking is revealed with his country singer in the top spot.

19. Soon after Diamond received her bad news, she high-tailed it off the stage -- so fast, in fact, that a crew member had to chase after her to grab her microphone.

20. As the final results are revealed, Fifth Harmony strained to see the leader-board from their pit-adjacent position, but they got the picture upon seeing L.A. spring from his seat, then lean back with a giant exhale. The Epic Records chairman never was one for subtlety.

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