'X Factor' Double Elimination: 15 Things You Didn't See on TV

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In the most fitting of coincidences, pop diva Britney Spears awoke from her robotic slumber during Diva Week. First, the icon snapped at Simon Cowell on Wednesday declaring that Beatrice Miller had "more talent in her pinky" than all of his groups combined, then -- to the delight of pundits and audience members alike -- Spears actually showcased some spunk during an impromptu dance party ahead of Thursday's broadcast.

Perhaps it was L.A. Reid's smooth moves that encouraged her, or maybe it was Demi Lovato's fun-loving attitude (after all, she didn't yet know that she would be forced to choose sides between two of her team members just one hour later), but either way, Britney was back in a big way this week.

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But it wasn't all fun and games at the taping, as there were tears shed by eliminated contestant Jennel Garcia, as well as those saved by America's votes. Most notably: CeCe Frey and Beatrice Miller.

Ironically, Lyric 145 were the most upbeat of all those on hand despite being sent home early without an opportunity to sing for their lives.

Below, read about Brit Brit's dance party and 14 other things you didn't see on Fox's broadcast.

1. Britney Spears, L.A. Reid and Demi Lovato hit the stage before showtime for an impromptu dance party to Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." While Reid was undoubtedly the most interested in dancing, Spears bobbed back and forth with a smile on her face, albeit her hands were clasped tightly behind her back. Lovato got in on the action, throwing her arms around Spears and Reid with a giant grin on her face. Simon Cowell, however, was absent for all aforementioned shenanigans.

2. Between commercial breaks, Cowell grabbed a microphone to announce to the audience that Lovato's "ex-boyfriend from 6th grade" was in the house. The revelation seemed to amuse Cowell to no end, while Lovato good naturally pointed back towards the audience to pick her former beau out of the crowd.

3. The audience shock was palpable after Lyric 145 was unceremoniously booted from the competition. Cowell got up from his seat to give them a hug, while they were also embraced by fellow contestants Tate Stevens, Vino Alan and select members of Fifth Harmony. If there's one thing Lyric 145 and Fifth Harmony have in common, it's that they are huggers.

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4. Guest performer Taylor Swift's vocals may have sounded stellar on TV, but in the audience, her sweet, soft voice could barely be heard. Frankly, she was almost upstaged by the fun lighting happening behind her. And while she wore a neutral colored ensemble and accessorized with a red microphone, one member of her band stole the spotlight in a crimson suit jacket.

5. Speaking of microphones, it appears host Khloe Kardashian has taken one bit of advice a little too far. Speaking into her mic as quietly as possible, her comments were inaudible in the loud venue.

6. Though photographers are quick to hit the judges panel to snap pictures between takes, Lovato used one commercial break to pose for photos with a pint-sized fan.

7. Upon learning that she would be safe from the bottom two, CeCe Frey seemed to let out a sigh of relief. Her content was short-lived however, as her teammates Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas learned they would be battling for their lives, Frey used a tissue to dab away tears.

8. Perhaps the moment that saved Paige Thomas from elimination: her dramatic knee-drop, to which Cowell expressed a very visceral reaction. He would later cast the deciding vote to keep her in the competition, saying that Thomas had more star power than Garcia.

9. Frey wasn't the only safe contestant to get emotional. Beatrice Miller also had tears in her eyes upon returning to the stage. Despite the best efforts of everyone in the audience ("Let's cheer for Beatrice," instructed the crowd leader), the 13-year-old singer was not interested in being cheered.

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10. Both eliminated contestants cited song choice as the reason for their elimination, with Garcia lamenting that she had hoped to perform Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know." Instead, she made the best of Tina Turner's  "Proud Mary." With a tear-stained face, the Rochester, Mass., native said she hoped to record the Morissette cover to release on YouTube as soon as possible. "I should have stuck up for myself more," she said. "I should have given them a piece of my mind. Much more than I did, but I didn't because I wanted to be good and cooperative."

11. On the other end of the spectrum, Lyric Da Queen said she was "not bummed out at all" and that they viewed their time on the show as an open door. The trio say they plan to move to Los Angeles in the next few months and will continue to pursue a career in hip-hop. "We literally feel like this is divinity," Lyric said of being placed into a group by Cowell. "I believe that this happening is way bigger than any prize we could have ever won. I think we're really going to do something amazing in the industry." After hugging each reporter goodbye, they vowed to "see you again soon."

12. Meanwhile, Reid was trying not to let his cocky side show during press interviews backstage. His remaining contestants -- Tate Stevens and Vino Alan -- ranked No. 1 and No. 3, respectively, based on America's votes. "This is the wrong time to get comfortable and start bragging and getting cocky," he said. "I’m happy that we came out at number one and number three, but you know, it was a close call between all of them. I don’t think anybody hit a homerun." But behind that modesty were some smiling eyes.

13. Spears raced through the press line, as she always does, completely by-passing broadcast outlets that were not immediately ready to shoot. When stopping for grouped print outlets, Spears answered rapid-fire questions, spending only one minute and three seconds with a group of seven reporters. (After all, she is the queen.) But the queen did share a laughable moment after being asked about her favorite Thanksgiving meal. Spears hesitated. "Drunk… chicken," she responded. Laughing about her answer, she added, "Not getting drunk, just drunk chicken!"

14. Lovato spent a limited amount of time in the press room following her team's loss and was visibly upset. Describing her mood as "bummed," the pop starlet said, "I think that Jennel definitely didn't deserve to go home and I couldn't let her go home tonight."

15. Cowell may be turning a blind eye to the purported romance between Arin Ray and Normani, a member of his Fifth Harmony. After the two were showcased hugging on Wednesday's show, reporters asked Cowell if he was going to have to put the kibosh on any inter-contestant dating. "I don't know how true it is," he said, before being informed that those in the press room had been "seeing it for weeks." He conceded, "Then you know more than me. I will probably have a chat [with Arin]."

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