'X Factor's' Drew Ryniewicz on Justin Bieber: 'He Smelled Delicious'

Drew Ryniewicz Justin Bieber 2 L
Ray Mickshaw / FOX

How does X Factor finalist Drew Ryniewicz define winning? Getting to sing with her crush and idol, Justin Bieber, on a national stage, which is exactly what went down during part two of the show’s finale on Thursday night.

Although pre-taped a week earlier, the 14-year-old from Chino Valley, Arizona, who dyed her hair brown after leaving the competition in week 6, joined Bieber for the last verse of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” looking elated, flattered, and somewhat nervous.

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After the episode, Drew was still pinching herself, telling the Hollywood Reporter that until she saw Bieber in the flesh, no amount of web rumors would suffice. “It’s amazing how, for some reason, people on the internet and on Twitter and Facebook find out stuff before I do,” she exclaimed. “They were talking about Justin Bieber for the longest time and I was, like, ‘He's not gonna be there.’ Then, I walk in the room and Scooter [Braun, Bieber’s manager] is saying, ‘You're gonna be singing with Justin.’ A few minutes later, I literally get on stage and I'm hugging Justin Bieber. Like, what?!”

After fantasizing about him for so long, was he in real life what Drew imagined? “I expected him to smell really good and he smelled delicious,” she said, though she was hard-pressed to describe the scent -- not so much fruity or chocolatey, but just a sweet Bieberness. “And he was actually very nice and really, really funny,” Drew added. “He makes jokes all the time!”

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As for the final results of the evening, Drew couldn’t have been happier for her friend Melanie Amaro, who won the show’s inaugural season. Then again, Drew said she knew from “the minute Melanie opened her mouth…  she’s got it all -- she's beautiful and she has a flawless, huge voice. She's serious about her music, but her personality is really fun and she’s just an all-around good girl.”

As for Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik, the two finalists who didn’t cross the finish line, Drew thinks they’re handling it well. “This competition has been, like, crazy results the whole time,” she says, clearly speaking from first-hand experience. “To see those two guys make it was cool. They’re both going to do great.”

Watch the best 60 seconds of Drew's life (so far, at least) below: