'X Factor': First Photo of New Judges Revealed

X-Factor New Judges Table - H 2013
Ray Mickshaw/FOX

X-Factor New Judges Table - H 2013

On Monday, Fox officially announced the addition of Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio to the X Factor judging panel -- alongside Demi Lovato and show creator Simon Cowell -- and today, the network issued the first photo.

Seated in L.A. Reid's former chair is Mexican singer-actress Rubio. To her right, in Spears' spot, is Lovato followed by Rowland and Cowell.

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As The Hollywood Reporter previously reported, Cowell turned up late to the taped auditions at the North Charleston Coliseum due to inclement weather. Just before noon EST, the show's head judge tweeted, "Stuck on an island. Flooded in. Can't get to the venue."

But by 4 p.m., THR had received word from Fox that "Simon is here sitting with our fabulous ladies right now."

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Fabulous indeed, for on the girls' first day on the panel, Rubio wore a Roland Mouret dress paired with Valentino shoes and Piumelli gloves; Rowland was in a bright yellow Shakuhachi top and skirt with a Balmain belt and Alaia shoes; Lovato donned a pair of Paige Jeans, Heather Lawton blouse, Jen Meyer jewelry and Saint Laurent shoes.

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