No 'X Factor' for Fergie: 'It's Not the Right Time for Me'

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Now, we’re getting somewhere. Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie confirms that she was in talks to join Fox’s The X Factor as a judge on its second season, but says it ultimately didn’t work out.

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“I know there were talks last season and this season,” Fergie tells Access Hollywood. “But it’s just not — Simon [Cowell] said before [that] timing is everything and it’s not the right time for me.”

Fergie was just one of the artists that has been tossed around in reports as to whom the series will choose to fill either Paula Abdul or Nicole Scherzinger’s seats on the judging panel.

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That list has included the late Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and LeAnn Rimes. The Hollywood Reporter recently learned that Britney Spears is close to inking a deal. But, Fergie doesn’t believe she can fulfill the requirements of the post.

“I love Simon and I love the show,” she says. “It’s just that last year, nor this year, do I have the time to commit to that sort of commitment because I would be somebody who would really throw myself into it, as I do with all my projects… It’s just not fair to the contestants and their careers -- that’s their career -- to not be full in.”