'X Factor's' L.A. Reid Reveals Which Audition Song Is an 'Automatic No'

Don’t expect “Mr. Nice Guy” to stick around much longer, as the judge says: “I wanna be mean.”

Want to get in L.A. Reid’s good graces? Then there’s one song you definitely shouldn’t sing.

During Thursday’s episode of The X Factor, judge Simon Cowell told 12-year-old contestant Jordyn Foley that he’s “allergic” to the song “Tomorrow” from Annie (among the countless others to which the notoriously finicky judge has expressed aversions).

Speaking with reporters during a conference call Friday, Reid revealed which audition song would elicit an “automatic no” from him.

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“I don’t even know the name of the it, I hate the song so much,” he said. “It’s the song that goes, ‘And I Am Telling You.’ It’s the song Jennifer Hudson sings in Dreamgirls.” Without even knowing it, Reid correctly named the tune.

Seemingly cringing on the other end of the telephone line, Reid continued: “It just gets under my skin. Everybody knows it on the panel, as soon as somebody starts singing that song, it’s an automatic no.”

So what song would Reid sing if were he in the contestants’ shoes?

“I would go up and I would sing ‘When Doves Cry’ by Prince -- and I would win,” he proclaimed. “And by the way, I would sing it in boot camp and I would sing it in finals, and I would win. I would be a one-trick pony, and I would only do one song: ‘When Doves Cry.’ ”

If Reid seems to be filling the “nice judge” shoes so far this season, don’t expect it to stick. The Epic Record chairman and CEO confessed, “I don’t like this nice version of myself” that viewers have seen during the audition rounds.

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“Season one I was way too friendly, and then season two I ended up even nicer,” he lamented. “I’m one of those guys that really despises nice people. I don’t like seeing myself in nice mode. I wanna be mean.”

Asked whether a panel filled with mean judges would make for good TV, Reid quipped: “If we were all mean and fighting, I think it’d be great. I think it’d be fun.

“I got a feeling there’s another reality show coming out where all the judges hate each other,” he slyly added. “I think it’s gonna be amazing.”

Looks like maybe American Idol will find a fan in Reid, after all. With the audition process underway with new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban joining Idol mainstay Randy Jackson, rumors already have circulated that the panel’s diva-sized egos are colliding.

 X Factor moves forward to the next round of competition, boot camp in Miami, at 8 p.m. Wednesday on Fox.

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