'X Factor': Lakoda Rayne Member Gives Steve Jones the Silent Treatment, Calls Host's Send-Off Comment 'Offensive'

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Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Perhaps the most awkward moment during Wednesday’s already high-stress elimination episode came when host Steve Jones, upon declaring Lakoda Rayne the night’s lowest vote getters, told the four girls, “The dream is over.” Taking offense to that statement, Lakoda’s Hayley Orrantia and Paige Elizabeth proceeded to grab the microphone, and in no uncertain terms, tell Jones that the dream is most certainly not over.

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A couple hours after the teary exit, the trio seemed more mad than sad. “I took what Steve said a little bit personally, I found it offensive,” Paige told the Hollywood Reporter. “The dream is over? That was inappropriate. You don’t say stuff like that. That’s why I like ninja-gripped the microphone.”

Added Hayley: “I don't really plan on talking to him.”

But their mentor Paula Abdul cautioned not to pounce on the poor chap. “I couldn't believe he said that, but I’ve explained to these girls as I’ve worked with them that it's a TV show and people don’t say the right things at times,” Abdul explained after the show. “Maybe it was scripted and someone who wrote it didn't realize. It's a hard job what he does and I think Steve realized a dream isn't over.”

But this part of the journey sadly is for Lakoda Rayne, who described their elimination as “a complete shock.” On the other hand, they remain amazed at their very formation. “In such a short amount of time, we’ve gotten so close to the point where the saddest part of going home is the fact that we're being split up right now,” said Hayley.

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Added Dani Knights, following a tearful embrace with groupmate Cari Fletcher, who had a flight to catch immediately after the show: “The X Factor glued us together. They made this happen.”

As for Abdul, now that her groups are gone, she says she’ll have plenty of time to “annoy the hell out of Simon.” And she’s not averse to bribes, either. “Shopping spree?” Abdul motioned towards Cowell and L.A. Reid. “Just give me your credit card.”

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