'X Factor' Recap: Paulina Rubio's Ax Falls on the Boys

"It's been such a stress. I burned like, 1,000 calories," the "Don't Say Goodbye" singer declared.
Carlito Olivero

Paulina Rubio didn't waste (much) time when it was her turn for the four-chair challenge on Wednesday. The rookie judge dropped the ax on several contenders in the boys category, hardly bothering to place early hopefuls (with no hope of actually advancing to the live rounds) in empty chairs.

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"You're sort of dressed like a little boy today," host Mario Lopez quipped to Rubio, who was wearing a necktie and a chic printed jacket. The Latina songstress was unfazed, declaring: "I'm excited, I'm caliente, I'm ready to play this game!"

But the two-hour broadcast was not without drama. Rubio was forced to send home a few of her fellow judges' favorites, including Stone Martin, Timmy Thames and Tim Olstad -- whom she actually brought back into the competition after being overwhelmed with audience boos -- and after a few switcheroos, Rubio narrowed her team down to Olstad, Josh Levi, Carlos Guevara and Carlito Olivero. (Try to say those names five times fast).

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"It's been such a stress," lamented Rubio at the end of her round. "I burned like, 1000 calories, Mario!"

Simon Cowell rounds out the four-chair challenge and apparently he is in a generous mood, as he offered a seat to the absurd Cali duo Wild Things. We have a pretty good guess about their fate, but tune in on Thursday to see who makes Cowell's final cut. So far, the salty Brit has offered seats to Girls United, Glamour, Restless Road and Wild Things.

Paulina's Final Picks: Tim Olstad, Josh Levi, Carlos Guevara and Carlito Olivero

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