'X Factor' Recap: And Then There Were Three

The top three finalists are revealed after fierce semi-finals round.
Jeff Lipsky / FOX
Alex and Sierra

Thursday night's The X Factor results show was full of anticipation as the singing competition narrowed the final four contenders to the top 3 finals round. 


All four judges were dressed up for the special evening and seemed in good spirits before host Mario Lopez started reading the results. 


The finalists opened the show with a subdued performance of Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" 


Demi Lovato was hesitant to give her bets since she didn't have any team members left in the game. Simon Cowell said he was confident and nervous about his mentees' prospects of staying around for the final week of the sing off. 

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The first act that was sent to the safe zone was Carlito Olivero and his mentor, Paulina Rubio thanked the viewers for supporting her protege.


The Latin lover took the stage to belt out "Suavemente" after banking the crowd for making his dream come true and shouted "Latinos forever" into the mic. 


Enrique Iglesias heated things up when he performed his latest hit, "Heart Attack" before it was time to find out who else would make it to the last battle of the season.  


Alex & Sierra are the next act to make it to the finals and the couple thanked fans for voting them in before they belted out a beautiful version of "Let Her Go" for the adoring audience. 

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Now down to rocker Jeff Gutt and country trio Restless Road, Lopez cut right to the chase when he announced Gutt was going to the finals. 


Members of the cast off group dropped their heads as soon as they heard the news and Cowell said he was "really disappointed" and assured them this wouldn't be the end of their road to superstardom. 


Gutt's mentor, Kelly Rowland, took the stage alongside her student and shouted "America rocks!" into the mic before he killed his take on "Open Arms."


Now that the finalists have been revealed America has one more chance to choose between an adorable couple, a sexy single father and a charming underdog when they pick  a winner in next week's finals round.