'X Factor': Behind the Scenes of THR’s Cover Photoshoot (Video)

While many people know what the “X factor” is, The Hollywood Reporter asked the show’s leading men and women to define the term.

The X Factor creator Simon Cowell joined judges Nicole Sherzinger, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul and host Steve Jones for THR’s cover shoot at Smashbox studios in Hollywood.

“You can’t define it by saying it’s one thing or another. There are many things. Usually when it’s just one thing, that’s not the X factor,” said Reid.

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“When somebody has the X Factor, even when you don’t like them, deep down in the pit of your stomach, you know you like them,” said Jones.

In the video, Abdul and Cowell continue their signature back-and-forth that they cultivated on Idol.

“If it does well, it’s my show. If it bombs it’s Paula’s. That’s the deal,” joked Cowell.

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However they do agree that things need to look right.

“I am obsessed with the way things look. I’m practically insane when it comes to that stuff,” said Cowell.

“I agree, I’m the same way,” said Abdul.

Simon Cowell spoke to The Hollywood Reporter for this week’s cover story about The X Factor. He explained the real reason for Cheryl Cole’s dismissal as a judge on the show, and his own surprise at the lawsuit brought against Fox by Idol exec Simon Fuller. Read THR's full cover story here.