'X Factor': 5 Redeeming Qualities of a Shirtless Steve Jones (Video)

Steve Jones Ellen Shirt Show - H 2011
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Steve Jones Ellen Shirt Show - H 2011

Poor Steve Jones. Some X Factor viewers (and sometimes contestants) have given the host a hard time this season when aspects of the live show have caused a few moments where the host was forced to be a bit short and less eloquent than usual. Give him a teleprompter and he’s good to go, but when the judges get snippy or time is running out, he’s not exactly showing off the improvisation skills.

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That’s why we’re glad to see him let loose a bit on Tuesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Not only did he take off his shirt – which is always a good move for pretty people – but we got to know a bit more about what he’s up against while hosting the singing competition.

Here are 5 reasons we can forgive him for some mediocre hosting moments.

1. The constant barking of producers in his ear. Jones explains that when things are going awry, the producers can be very demanding as they’re asking him to speed up the action a bit. I could see how that urgency and the constant buzzing in his ear can lead to some less than eloquent transitions.

2. That chatterbox Paula Abdul. Paula is a sweetheart, but let’s just say she’s neither the sharpest tool in the shed nor the most succinct speaker. Steve says, “She just talks, and talks, and talks, doesn’t she?” That would be a yes.

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3. He used to be a model, 'nuff said. I probably could have guessed that modeling existed somewhere on Steve’s resume. Sure, he’s now paid to speak on a show that attracts an average of 12 million viewers per episode. But definitely with this bit of information, we can afford to cut him some slack.

4. He's modest. When Ellen surprised him with a photo from his modeling past, Steve called it “hideous.” I wouldn’t go that far. It’s a fashion time warp, yes, but hideous? Not at all.

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5. He takes off his shirt upon request. Really, what more could you ask from a good looking person in Hollywood? That’s the moneymaker right there.

Watch Steve’s interview with Ellen below.

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