'X Factor's' L.A. Reid Explains Why the Guys Are Winners

The music producer says his team's strength lies in how much they stand out from other artists.

Tuesday’s The X Factor is going to be a tough one for everyone involved. The series announced it's cutting five of the 17 finalists who fought tooth and nail to get to the live shows. And the most popular theory is that each judge will have to eliminate one person from their team (and in the case of Simon Cowell, he’ll have to cut two women).

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Judge and music producer L.A. Reid explained to reporters on a recent press call what separates The X Factor’s performers from those of other shows like American Idol.

“First and foremost, it’s the talent,” Reid says. “It’s about the talent and the uniqueness of the talent, and their reach and their appeal and their ability to deliver material and to try to show some range and some diversity. That’s the first and most important thing, right?”

Reid mentors the guys’ team and he explained what he believes to be the team’s strength. “Why do I think they have the potential to win? Well, I think that my guys are very unique,” he says before explaining how each of his team members stand out.

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On Astro aka Brian Bradley: “Astro being a 15-year-old rapper who entered the competition doing original material, as far as I know, now I could be wrong, but I think that’s a very unique approach and it may be a first. So, I like his uniqueness.”

On Philip Lomax: “For a guy to be 22 years old, and to have been so influenced by an era of Frank Sinatra and others, I find that pretty fascinating. So, I think he is a very unique guy and he has a great shot.”

On Marcus Canty: “Marcus Canty is just a great singer. All I can tell you is that Marcus is a great singer, and ultimately I’m moved by talent and I really love his talent.”

On Chris Rene: “Chris Rene, who is arguably the most popular contestant in the competition, is just really special and also entered the competition with original material and has this style that’s somewhere between singing and rapping. He’s just a really special guy and a really lovable guy with an interesting voice and an interesting story.”

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